Hello world!

There’s a New Kid on the Blog *\o/*

HELLO!!! and welcome to our blog – yeah, sure, we need another book blog. And yeah, sure, we need some more naughty photos. Actually, as I wrote that I thought … can there ever be enough? Really? Anyway, I figured… why the heck not? We certainly hope to have some fun with it (while it lasts) and hope that you do too.

The blog is still very much in it’s infancy, it’s proving to be quite a learning curve for us, and it still needs quite a bit of tweaking – but for now the basic set up is as follows :

“Barb’s Books”  –  each month I will open up a new page under this tab – where I will list what I read; what I want to read; and what great new books are due out.

“GRL 2012” – when the event kicks off I hope to have some intrepid reporters (unless by some miracle I get to go myself) to keep us up to speed with all the fun and shenanigans !! This will hopefuly include photos.

“HAWT Shots” –  this is a very difficult page to maintain. It will require rigorous research and hours of scouring the internet for the perfect pics. I think I am up for the job though….  There will be some just for fun, and I will also try to find the perfect representations of our favourite book characters. Be warned before you leap – some of them are defintely NSFW.

“About Barb” – gives a little bit more insight into me. But not a lot. Because this really is about the books and authors, and not me. I’m really not particularly interesting.

First off the block will be a Q&A session with Carter Quinn , who has his first book out next week “The Way Back”. This will be in 2 segments, the first being general writer-like-stuff and the second will be more book specific – so make sure you get the book as soon as you can,so as not to be spoilered. Part one will be up on Sunday, June 10th.