Second Time Lucky


Title : Second Time Lucky

Author : Ethan Day

Publisher : MLR (BUY HERE) or at Amazon

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 216 pages (e-book)

Published : June 10, 2012

Rating :  ★★★★



Luke Landon and Owen West already had a once upon a time. They burned hot back in college yet still managed to lose their way. It’s been fifteen years since they drifted apart and while a lot has since changed, they’ve discovered that some things still feel the same. While one calls it fate, the other dumb luck, second chances aren’t easy to come by. Putting the ignorance of youth and life’s baggage aside, they just might find that sometimes the best things really do come back to you.


I love Ethan Day’s writing. I love a “we found each other again” story. So I was very happy to hear “Second Time Lucky” combined the two. The adorably slutty Luke Landon finds himself alone and drunk in a bar on his birthday. He’s about to say fuck it (Luke likes the “f-bomb”) and go home; when he gets the surprise of his life. Owen West, the one who got away, appears to spread his own kind of birthday cheer.  The passionate chemistry between these two hasn’t diminished over the years and we get a smoking hot, front row seat to the action.

Luke and Owen want to pretend that their one night stand/reunion is just a down and dirty good to see you, but one night turns into a long weekend.

Owen lives in a different city but neither man can say goodbye so they decide to see where this goes. Things aren’t exactly simple with Owen still living in the house that he owns with his ex, Tommy, and long distance relationships are never easy – however the guys manage to carry on seeing each other without a lot of angst. The history of why they didn’t work out the first time isn’t ever really answered, but you get enough history to understand these guys and how it could have happened. Prepare yourself for more deliciously embarrassing moments about the boys from their lovable families.

Owen is good and loyal with one of those voices that you can just tell would make you melt. Luke is sexy and fun. Being inside his head was a delight. Add Ethan’s humor and we have a winner! This was a steamy romance that had me laughing out loud at one in the morning. If you love to laugh and swoon, buy the book!

kapowRated 5 stars by Whitney

LYLBTB 50 star