Purely for medicinal purposes…

I have been a bit poorly lately… full of cold and feeling pretty damn miserable 😦 The weather down here in Melbourne, Australia is wet, wild and windy. Not nice.

I’ve been in bed, or on the couch for a couple of days – housebound for sure; not exactly tied to my bed …. definitely not like some of these guys in the link to the right. But be warned before you take the leap – they are NSFW. At. All.

It cheered me up some, looking for suitable photos….. I’m all about the research and putting in long hours poring over photos. It’s a tough job!

In keeping with the Poor Me theme I thought I would share my favourite winter warmer recipe. There is nothing nicer than curling up around a large glass of Gluwhein, in front of a roaring fire, with a good book to read. Or nice pictures to look at 🙂

Barb’s Gluwhein

2 bottles inexpensive red wine

1 “splash” Cointreau

1 cup demerara sugar

3 cups water

2 oranges cut into quarters

20 whole cloves

6 to 8 cinnamon sticks broken in half

1 orange, sliced for garnish

Put everything in the pot and stir until sugar is completely dissolved; then simmer gently for 20mins. I often make it the day before and reheat when needed – like curries, the flavours really improve overnight!