Sci-fi month … make it so

I am declaring this month Sci-fi Month, and I intend to read or listen to as much of it as I can. There is a lot to choose from!

I loved Blind Space by Marie Sexton (could lace and pirates be any sexier?) … and I have had The Sci-fi Regency Series (My Fair Captain and The Englor Affair) by JL Langley on my kindle for ages! … so I thought, if every month I concentrated on a specific genre within m/m it would highlight lots of different books and (most importantly) chip away at my TBR pile!

You’ll notice I am all about plans – I don’t always follow through, but you gotta have a plan, right? Click on the link to see my reading and listening plans for July.

As a lot of you know I love Yaoi, and Starfighter is one of the best out there – if you havent read it, click on the link – you may just find you love it too. This is a tenuous link for sure, so bare with me – the slideshow is worth it! So, Sci-fi leads to Starfighter; which in turn leads to YAOI in general, which is indeed a beautiful thing. Follow the link below to see some gorgeous graphics …  Not all the Yaoi featured is Sc-fi …. Ok , Starfighter is the only one 🙂 but the beautiful artwork is so share worthy.

If you don’t read any Yaoi I cannot recommend it highly enough.