Inferno, the review

Inferno, by Scarlet Blackwell

Publisher : Silver Publishing (BUY HERE)

Genre : Contemporary Romance, Crime

Length : 476 pages e-book

Blurb: In Inferno, passion burns hotter than hell…

After the murder of a notorious rent boy in the relatively new gay nightclub Inferno, Moonlight Cove cop Zack Stewart and his partner Claire Keaton are presented with a bewildering array of suspects, all with links to the dead man.

Zack’s chief suspect is arrogant club owner Dante Jardine, a man not so easy to unravel, and even more difficult to pin down. Soon the cops are knee-deep in bodies and Zack’s priorities become more muddled the longer he is around Dante.

When his professional and personal lives begin to merge, Zack finds himself walking a dangerous road between being a good cop and giving in to his growing desire

Review : This book was just brilliant! I absolutely loved it! Some of my favourite things I like in a book…

Night club owner? check.

Cold hearted, arrogant SOB? check.

Cop in denial? check.

I’m not sure why I love my book characters to be bastards, but there you go, and I know I’m not alone in this. We fall for the guys with traits we would never accept in RL. Dante is all of this; and oh, so much more….. AND, he has purple eyes – nuff said.

Dante Jardine owns Inferno, has done for about a year, and he regards it as his own smorgasboard of boy candy. He makes no apologies for his slutty lifestyle, admitting freely – it’s what he does – he doesn’t date, he fucks. When a rent boy is found murdered in an alley behind the club there is a trail of clues leading to Dante, and the Detectives leading the investigation certainly seem more than happy to pin it on him. From the first meeting between Dante and Zack the fireworks explode off the page. Of course it is totally unethical for a cop to tangle with a suspect; and with Zack firmly in the closet anyway, it means Dante is completely off-limits.

As I said Zack is firmly in the closet; and pretty much celibate because of this. But going to Inferno, the only gay night club in Moonlight Cove; and the subsequent visits to question a couple of boys plying their trade on the streets gets him a lot of attention from the guys – and he likes it. He starts wishing for a life where he gets to come home to someone, gets to wake up with someone, gets to share his life with a significant someone. Of course Dante fits the bill more and more – I could virtually see Zack’s ceiling myself , the amount of times he lay in bed looking at it, “thinking” of Dante 🙂

Dante is one of the most damaged characters I’ve ever read. He just broke my heart in so many ways – ways I can’t spoil 😦 But I think this is why we love the bastards in our books – we get to see glimpses of the guy underneath. Not that I want them to totally lose that edge, but to have another side – especially when it is only their lover that gets to see it, that is what hooks me. The book is really very sexy – and yet the scenes that truly stand out to me are in fact the sweetest. The restaurant and take-away Tiramisu; and the pinky fingers – just beautiful. It goes to show when you are invested in the couple, a mere touch of hands can be more erotic than pages of detailed sex. Ok… we do actually get both in this book, so it’s all good.

For a big book there aren’t really many characters that get much page time other than Zack and Dante (not that I’m complaining!) but what we get to see of Claire, Zack’s partner, is wonderful – her support for her partner was unwavering. She would do anything for Zack. It is also more than just romance – the mystery was really good. The guy I had pinned as the baddie was in fact not the baddie at all, even though right until the end I kept expecting another twist in the “tale”. The back story of Corey (the dead rent boy), and his friends and lovers is also really well done, and very sad. The story really is multi layered. That, I guess, is the beauty of a big book – the story slowly unfurled, it never felt rushed.

A few readers may quibble about the unlikeness of some of the scenarios – this may not be a 100% accurate police procedural book – but I don’t care. It’s fiction. And it really worked. The ending got a bit yo-yo angst laden in my opinion; and there were even a few bits that people may find corny – but again, the whole story just worked. As a couple – Zack and Dante are wonderful; they really do complete each other. I will definitely be rereading this book… maybe even this week! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Go. Buy the Book!

kapowRated 5 stars by Barb

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