Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay)

50 ShadesGayTitle : Fifteen Shades of Gay (for Pay) 

Author :  T. Baggins

Publisher : Voodoo Lily Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, Romance, Light BDSM

Length : 7000 word / 259 pages (e-book)

Published : October 13, 2012

Blurb: MONEY…

Andrew Reynolds is determined to stay in New York City as long as his sister Marie, a cancer patient, needs him. But despite his good looks and talent, Andrew hasn’t managed to find work as an actor. With his bank account empty and his credit cards maxed, Andrew needs money fast. Gay escorts make a nice living, but there’s one problem—Andrew isn’t gay.


Ever since his early teens, when Andrew’s father shocked everyone by coming out, Andrew has been uncomfortable around gay men. Pretending to be gay will be the role of a lifetime. From male/male dates to erotic toys, spankings and more extreme play, Andrew must satisfy his clients without revealing his usual tastes.


Andrew’s first date with closeted politician Cormac Donovan ends in disaster. Yet with each successive booking, the attraction between them grows. As Andrew struggles with unexpected new feelings, Cormac puts his senatorial career in danger. And what began as a way for Andrew to earn money becomes a one-way ticket to heartbreak—or lasting love

Review :

I loved this book. Was it the best plot driven, character based or angst laden book I’ve ever read? No. Maybe not. But I could not put it down – and that’s what I base my stars on. Level of enjoyment as a whole – and I enjoyed this book a whole lot 🙂

Andrew, as a young boy, had a crush on his teacher. A male teacher. And has definite fantasies of the two of them together. However he witnesses a steamy session, involving this teacher, that leaves him both hurt and very anti-gay.

Now, a decade on, he up sticks and moves to New York to be with his sister who has cancer. It is here, in New York, that the out of work actor is offered a job as a male escort. Gay for pay. He can do this. It’s just another acting gig. Right? Riiiiight.

His first gig is a date with Cormac Donovan, a Senator based in California. Andrew is pretty up front about being gay for pay – meaning any hanky panky is kinda unlikely 😉 Cormac is incredibly understanding, given that he is paying for Andrews company, and the subsequent friendship forged between these two is solid. Andrew is now Cormac’s regular date whenever he is in New York.

Andrew, of course, has other clients, from jobs where he is a naked pool boy, to erotic house cleaner ….. and we get to meet Paresh and Sven, during one of his assignments. Through these two, and their “job requirements” Andrew is able to admit that maybe he is in fact bi and this acts as a turning point in his and Cormac’s arrangement that leaves them realizing just how much more there is to their relationship.

There was a lot I learned about kink in these “jobs” of Andrews – I admit to finding the details quite interesting 🙂 and scary … little boys, thinking they are in the big league, playing games with guys that really don’t give a damn about them, just the end result. Yes. I know it is fiction, but I honestly believe that young people are taken advantage of like this. As I said, sad and scary.

I’ve read a number of books where guys in various walks of life struggle to come out – the ramifications being too dire to face. But a politician , especially a Republican, probably takes the cake. And I genuinely felt for Cormac – who may be the most closeted character I have ever read. I am not American and therefore I read the political side of the book without any strong feelings that American readers may feel. Is it believable? Maybe not completely. But that’s why I read fiction – it is an escape into a world where things pan out and play out better than they might in real life. In saying that… I thought the handling of the subsequent fall out was very well done. True to life IMO

I bought this book largely based on the title, which cracked me up, but also because I loved the other books I have read by this author. This addition to her list of books didn’t disappoint. It was totally different to what I expected – which was maybe a spoof of the mummy porn series alluded to throughout the book, but it was so much more. A really good multi layered story that, as I said before, I could not put down. My kinda “mum/my porn” 😀 Go… BuyTheBook!!

Rated 5 stars by Barb

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