Q&A with Tere Michaels


Hi Tere, thanks so much for joining us today on “Live your Life, Buy the Book” to answer some hard-hitting questions.  😉  

Oh, and by the way, I am having a serious fangirl moment here.  You already know how much I adore you and your stories so it’s an honor for me to spend this time with you.  So let’s get into it then…

You have a new release due out on February 26th titled “Heir Apparent”.  Can you tell us a little bit about it and where we can click to purchase?

tm_heir apparent_coverinThe book will be available on the Loose Id website www.loose-id.com, on February 26th. I’m very excited about this one – it’s an old school hurt/comfort story (my favorite trope), with two heroes I really loved writing. Rich guy, his driver/bodyguard – they grew up together on the family estate, now they’re secret lovers…throw a little danger and corporate intrigue and there you go! Henry and Archie are very different from Evan and Matt, or Jim and Griffin. It was fun to try something new – a different world, different people, different experiences. It helps me to grow as a writer.

Are there any plans for further releases in 2013, and if so, can you share?  I promise not to tell anyone else 😉

Well if it’s a secret! I have an anthology I’m working on with some friends, about one-night stands that are anything but. Hopefully I’ll have some announcements on that soon. I also have a big project I’m working on but I’m not sure if that’s going to end up being a 2013 release. We’ll see! There are a ton of stories in the hopper – it’s just a matter of seeing which one catches fire next.

Do you envisage that you will ever write another series given the success of the Faith, Love & Devotion books?  Here I am edging closer to asking about Evan…

I guess it depends on the story and the characters – if I feel there are more tales to tell, I will be unable to stop myself from doing so. I’m a big series reader, and I love my supporting characters – basically any time you let me tell a story, it could become a series. I hate saying goodbye to people!

Speaking of Evan…err, Faith, Love & Devotion, thank you so much for the glimpse into the lives of Matt and Evan with the short story release “Cherish” late last year.  Is there likely to be any further releases relating to these gorgeous men and their family?

Thank you for wanting more! (Also I sense some Evan love here…) The fans really made that happen – they wanted to know what everyone was up to and one day, the story literally popped into my head. I have a few more stories in mind but I’m not sure if they’ll be novellas or full-length just yet. They’re still percolating! But there will be more.

Just one more question on this series.  If it were to be made into a movie, who would you cast as Matt, Evan, Jim and Griff?TM_Faith&Fidelity_coverlg

Oh so tempting to answer! But I like leaving it up to the reader to decide. So people reading this? Feel free to share your thoughts! I’m always curious who YOU see as compared to who I see. (Cop out answer, sorry! But I don’t want to mess with people’s head canon!)

Perhaps some questions for aspiring writers (that would be me).  Looking back, was there anything in particular that helped you decide to become a writer?

Okay, here’s the honest truth – I don’t feel like I chose to be a writer – it chose me. I was three or four and my mom explained the concept of people’s jobs being to write stories and that was it! I have never wanted to do anything else. It was always writing in some form.

Now, when I decided to be a professional writer and actually send my book out? The decision was that I had waited long enough and I was committed enough to follow through. That’s a HUGE thing. Being focused on what your goals are, pushing forward, motivating yourself – it’s a big responsibility and absolutely vital to success. So knowing if you really are ready to commit is important.

On a typical writing day, how would you spend your time?

I write full-time and work at home so my day is mixed up between wife/mom/writer. I get up and when the weather is nice, go to the park for a walk to clear my head and focus, then come home and write. I work in fits and starts – it can be five sentences or five thousands words on any given day!  My son gets home around 3pm so I tend to stop working by then. At night, I pick back up or edit what I’ve written. My creative flow tends to be so erratic – I admire writers who put in five hours a day without fail!

Do you have any tips or words of advice for those of us out there that dare to dream of being published?

Oh my gosh – I would say number one is keep writing. Keep reading. Keep GOING. This can be a tough business, balancing the art and the practical side. You have to stay in love with your words and your characters and your stories, keep wanting to share them with people. Keep good company – positive people who are willing to tell you the truth!

Flash Five Questions :

Favorite movie . . .

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

Favourite actor . . .

Tough one! I like so many. I’m going to go with Ben Affleck right this second. But the list is endless!

Favorite food . . .

Bagels or pizza. Which are two of the reasons I can never move out of the metro NYC area.

Favorite song at the moment . . .

“This is the New Year” by A Great Big World – their version or the Glee version. I’m in love with the lyrics.

A recent read that you really enjoyed . . .

“The Night Circus” by Eric Morgenstern. It was like poetry; blew me away.

Thanks again Tere for taking the time to answer my questions.  This has been an absolute pleasure and highlight for me.  And I’m inwardly jumping with glee at the possibility of more Evan!  Best of luck for the new release and I look forward to more Tere Michaels in 2013 

giveaway-lavanyasrecipesIf you leave a comment here, you will be in the running to win a copy of “Heir Apparent” by Tere Michaels.  So hop to it and good luck to all 🙂