TITLE : Fettered

AUTHOR : Lyn Gala


PUBLISHER : Dreamspinner Press (BUY IT HERE)


LENGTH : 330 pages (e-book)

PUBLISHED : February 22, 2013



Blurb :

Dylan Carter has always played second fiddle to his perfect older brother, but now that brother is implicated in a terrible crime, and Dylan’s family is imploding. Dylan can’t hide anymore. Knowing he’s falling apart, he searches for something or someone to hold him together—and lands in a BDSM bar called the Stonewall. 

Dylan doesn’t understand Miss Dolphinia, the hard-drinking queen who seems determined to play matchmaker. But more confusing is the way the powerful men in leather make him feel. In her wisdom, Miss Dolphinia sends Dylan off to a back room for his introduction to the world of erotic spankings and bondage. 

Dylan’s teacher—for want of a better word—is the very dominant Vin Hauser. Vin likes to play hard, but he’s honest with himself—he knows all those men want is a strong hand, not a long-term relationship. Yet Vin can’t help but hope Dylan might be different. 

With controversy over his brother’s sins stirring up danger around him, Dylan needs Vin’s support more than ever. But until he and Vin learn to trust each other, Dylan will have to face his fear and the growing threats alone.

Review :

Dilly’s life is spiraling out of control.  His brother, Gary, has been accused of being a violent serial rapist, and it’s tearing his family apart.  It’s also forcing Dilly to look at parts of his own life he hadn’t yet acknowledged.  Dilly then finds himself wandering into a leather bar called Stonewall.  Of course everyone falls for the young sweet naturally submissive nineteen year old who blushes at the drop of a hat.  Thankfully, Miss Dolphinia is there to rescue Dilly from his would be suitors.  Dilly gets to buy her a drink for her troubles, because you always buy a Queen a drink in her own bar.  She then sets him up with Vincenzo Hauser.  Vincenzo, Vin, won’t have sex with someone named Dilly.  It’s a child’s name.  Vin and Dylan have an explosive time together.  Everyone hears about it.  Firsthand.  Not in a gossip kind of way, but Dylan was really yelling that much.

Dylan’s life continues to go to Hell in a hand basket.  He goes back to Stonewall.  A perfectly nice dom named Guard takes him home for a night.  Dylan enjoys himself, twice, but perfectly nice isn’t as much fun as being overwhelmed and owned was.  Unexpectedly, Dylan has to work the next day.  Even more unexpectedly one of Gary’s alleged victims shows up asking Dylan to help her case.  It appears Dylan’s sister Carmine told the girl Dylan would be willing to help.  This is really more than Dylan can handle.  A “helpful” friend gives him some drugs.  Dylan manages to make it to Stonewall and Miss Dolphinia.  She manages to manipulate Vin into taking Dylan home.  Once Dylan is sober Vin explains why their relationship would be an extremely bad idea.  Well, Vin thinks it would be a bad idea; Dylan thinks it sounds pretty good.  Things don’t get any better on the homefront.  Gary attacks Dylan.  Dylan calls Miss Dolphinia for a rescue.  Dylan learns more Queen etiquette when he’s rescued by Lee Dolphinia.  He also finds himself back in Vin’s arms and bed later that night.  Thankfully, he is able to get out of his family home before the shit really hits the fan.

The story raised some interesting ethical questions.  How much control can a person safely give up?  Is it wrong to give up any control?  Can giving up control be empowering?  I am very thankful there was no attempt at a specific answer.  Dylan thrived when Vin took control over his life.  He was still autonomous, but found himself more able to deal with specific situations when he didn’t feel he had to deal with everything all at once.  Vin was keenly aware not everyone thrives in such situations.  He freely admitted to his obsessive nature and willingness to go just that touch too far.  Vin wasn’t a knight in shining armor.  It was dull and dented but exactly what Dylan needed.

This book dealt with the dark and depressing subjects of rape and incest.  It could have been overwhelming and really bogged down the story but didn’t.  Despite being surrounded by horror the book very much felt like the story of Dylan and Vin and the overall message was one of being brave and honest with yourself.  I have no qualms at all recommending this book.  It was excellent.

Rated 5 stars by Faye

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