The Poodle Apocalypse



Title : The Poodle Apocalypse

Author : John Inman


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Paranormal, Humour

Length : 88 pages (e-book)

Published : February 27, 2013




With the world suddenly teeming with zombies, Charlie and Bobby are fighting to stay alive. Being about as gay as two people can be, they insist on doing it with panache.

Even with the planet throwing up its legs in submission, there is no reason a couple of style-conscious guys can’t look good while saying good-bye to the age of man and ushering in the age of…

God knows what. Amoebas, maybe. With their loyal zombie poodle, Mimi, at their side, they bravely face the apocalypse head-on.

Death, destruction, and the undead they can deal with. But without electricity, it’s the depressing lack of blow-dryers and cappuccino machines that really pisses them off—until Bobby goes missing! Suddenly Charlie has more than fluffy hair and a good cup of coffee to worry about…


Holy hyperactive imagination on acid that was bizarre! Not necessarily in a bad way but I feel you should be warned. It started off with just a regular day for Charlie and Bobby, lounging in the home the claimed as their own when a big ole zombie ruined their day. So of course they had to kill him. They don’t know exactly how or why there are zombie like people who pop out of no -where but they aren’t nice and they won’t go away, so they whack them with a hammer and bury them in the yard. There are more than just zombie people, there are zombie animals and that’s where Mimi the cute little poodle on the cover comes in. Somehow they cure her with water, sunlight and Fritos. Yeah, it’s weird. Anyway, after  giant balls of hail bust up their house of course they’re happens to be a hoard of Zombie bugs that attack them. So, one house is ruined, they just choose another since there are no other humans alive after Dead Tuesday, the day everyone just disappeared. Bobby goes missing soon after they relocate to their new home and Charlie fears the worst but is determined to save his man!

Okay, yeah, it was pretty strange. I will say I liked the guys together. They were so in love and the sex was hot. I think it was strangely romantic that with the entire world disappearing and zombies running around the guys were mostly just happy they had each other. The ending kind of saved this for me because about fifteen pages left I was WTF’ing all over the place.

So maybe this book isn’t for everybody but some people like odd little love stories, right?

Rated 3 stars by Whit

3 star

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