Elemental Attraction : Book 2, Fire Tango



Title : Fire Tango

Series : Elemental Attraction, Book #2

Author : Hayley B. James


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press  (BUY HERE)

Genre : Angels, Demons, Espionage

Length : 326 pages (e-book)

Published : November 6, 2012


Blurb : 

Devil Fremont’s unwillingness to divulge even the smallest details of his past makes building a relationship with his lover, Leandre, a struggle. Doubt and frustration tear at the couple and put their bond to the test when Fremont’s secrets find him after his ten years in exile and force him home to Spezia to face serious charges.

Whatever mysteries Fremont has buried, Leandre does not believe murder is one of them—though his waiting fiancé is a surprise.  As Fremont trusts his lover with his past, a second murder throws him deeper into the law’s hands.

Desperate to save Fremont, Leandre searches for the truth. But the conspiracy he uncovers goes deeper than he ever imagined. With Fremont’s time running out, Leandre must act quickly to reveal the true culprit before he loses his bond mate for good.

Review : 

Fire Tango starts approximately a year after the end of Water Waltz.  Fremont the Devil has been in a stable relationship with Leandre the fire demon all this time.  They love each other and profess it frequently.  Unfortunately, Leandre wants the relationship to continue to progress while Fremont is stalling.  Fremont keeps his thoughts to himself to an outrageous extent.  Leandre handles this well until Fremont is arrested for murder.  A murder suspiciously like one he may have committed ten years ago.  Fremont is forced to accept he’ll have to share information with Leandre if he wants to keep him.  Fremont’s greatest fear is Leandre will leave him as soon as he knows everything.  They travel to Fremont’s home in Spezia, the country of the devils, to deal with legal matters.

Not long after returning to Foxwood, Fremont’s family estate and hometown, Leandre meets Fremont’s fiancée.  That takes him a few minutes and a long conversation about devil society to get over.  The next surprise comes in the form of open hostility toward Leandre simply because he’s a demon.  That he has an element merely makes it that much worse.  To protect himself legally Fremont must hide his relationship with Leandre.  This causes some problems with the fiancée who would like Fremont back which in turn causes problems when they decide to “pretend” the engagement is still on.  The lie doesn’t last long.  Unfortunately, the attempted murder of Fremont’s valet, Fitzgerald, takes precedent over the old murder case.  The murder of Fremont’s brother Victor really throw a wrench in the works when sleeping with a demon is Fremont’s only alibi.  Like all good novels things can only get more complicated from there!  Fremont is again the main suspect in the murder for which he was arrested in the beginning of the book.  The same investigator shows up to arrest him, although this time Varun is working with him to help solve the crime.  Leandre and Varun find themselves trying to solve multiple crimes, keep everyone safe, and free Fremont before he finds himself set for execution.

Unlike Water Waltz, Fire Tango was not a spy novel.  It was a murder mystery!  I guessed the absolute wrong suspect and motive; I do every time.  Like Water Waltz, trust was again a big issue in this book.  Fremont had to trust Leandre to not stop loving him despite his past.  Leandre had to trust that Fremont really wanted to be with him.  Leandre also spends most of the book out of his element, both literally and metaphorically.  As a demon he’s completely unfamiliar with devil culture, family structure, and law.  As a fire demon being in Foxwood during the rainy season not only makes it difficult to use his element, but feels very physically uncomfortable for him.

Fremont and Leandre weren’t the only characters.  Nolyn, a character that continued from Water Waltz and Pekelo were also in the book in addition to Varun, Triste, and a brief moment with Zephyr.  Poor barely mature young air demon Nolyn is in love with the knowledge obsessed earth demon Pekelo.  Typically, Pekelo, despite all his knowledge is completely unaware Nolyn would like them to be anything other than friends.  I suspect their book is next.  It’s not out yet, so I have to wait.  As soon as it’s out I’m sure I’ll buy it.

Rated 4 stars by Faye 

4 stars

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