Title : Snowfall

Series : Foster Siblings/Coleman, Florida Series Book #3

Author : Cameron Dane


Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, Multicultural

Length : short story (less than 20,000 words) e-book

Published : February, 2013



Together for four years now, Christian and Jonah from “A Fostered Love” are still wildly in love and passionately attracted to each other. Jonah has never seen snow, and Christian thinks he’s set in place the perfect Valentine’s Day weekend away to show his man something new.

Sometimes, though, Mother Nature can be a real bitch, and this year she brings Christian’s and Jonah’s plans to a screeching halt before they can even begin.

If there’s one thing that messes with Jonah’s head and heart, it’s seeing Christian upset. Can Jonah come up with a miracle and show Christian that sometimes the best holidays are the ones spent in your own backyard?


I first fell in love with Jonah and Christian in Cameron Dane’s “A Fostered Love”. Theirs was a beautiful love story where the two men were reunited after a fateful separation of fifteen years. I was very excited to learn that Ms. Dane was releasing this short story, giving us a glimpse into their lives four years down the track.

Christian arranges a very special Valentine’s Day present for Jonah, which, due to inclement weather and delays at the airport, does not come to fruition. There is nothing Christian hates more than to disappoint Jonah and is therefore left understandably distraught and very upset that he can not fulfill the trip he had planned for his man.

If there is a fictional character who has a bigger heart than Jonah I am yet to find him. He cannot stand to see the disappointment Christian is feeling and hatches a plan to make this Valentine’s Day their best ever. To say anymore about his surprise would be an epic spoiler…and that would be a very silly thing for me to do!

This short story has a wonderful sentiment that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. The deep passion shared between these two men is made palpable in Ms. Dane’s writing of the very frequent and erotic sex scenes, which, by the way, make up a large percentage of the word count. This is a super hot story and for those looking for a breather in between some more angsty reads, this would be the perfect choice.

Anybody who has read the first two books was probably picked this up as soon as it was released but if you haven’t and you enjoy a very real feeling romance about two men who get their second chance at love, then you’ll love this book. I highly recommend the entire series. You should start with the first book as there are joining thread but for this book it’s probably not a must.

Rated 4 stars by Guest Reveiwer, Tommi

4 stars

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