Trip of a Lifetime



Title : Trip of a Lifetime

Author : J.P. Bowie


Publisher : Total-e-Bound Publishing (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 224 pages (e-book)

Published : July 12, 2011




Alex Brady was looking for some excitement in his life, but nothing could have prepared him for what a trip to Tuscany would bring him—excitement, yes, but with an undercurrent of danger that could possibly end up costing him far more than the price of the vacation.

When Alex tells his best friend Russ of his proposed trip to Tuscany, Russ tries to dissuade him, especially when Alex explains he’ll be renting a car and making his own way around a foreign country. Russ is sure Alex will get lost or mugged.

On his first night in Florence, Alex meets Gavin Andrews, a handsome Scotsman, and looks forward to a more than pleasant start to his ‘trip of a lifetime’.

But Gavin disappears without a word, and though disappointed by the Scot’s apparent lack of interest Alex continues with his tour of Tuscany in his rented car, staying overnight at the Villa Lorenzo, a converted farmhouse run by two gay men, John and Alfredo.

Alex is shown a portrait of Lorenzo, the original owner, and that night Alex has a strangely sensual dream, that comes to an abrupt halt when Lorenzo warns him that Gavin is in danger.

What follows is far more excitement than Alex ever bargained for – a kidnapping, a murder, and ultimately an offer of marriage!

Truly, for Alex this is the trip of a lifetime.


Alex Brady has been broken up from his lying, cheating ex for the past six months and he’s getting pretty tired of his daily life. He thinks a vacation is in order and plans a spur of the moment trip to Tuscany.

There he meets Gavin Andrews in a very memorable way. The two of them spend a beautiful, romantic and sensational night together. From there these two men have quite a journey full of kidnappers, hot sex, romance, hot sex, traveling, hot sex, murder, finding the one person you’re meant to always be with. And did I mention there was lots of hot sex?

I’m a fan of insta-love so this book appealed to me quite a bit. I love a simple romance with hardly any angst and plenty of “I love you” moments. This really was a cute and romantic story that left me with a big goofy smile on my face when it was all over.

I’ve read a few Christmas books by J.P. Bowie and loved them, but after reading this story I’m hooked and will definitely be reading more from this author.

Rated 4.5 stars by Jen


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