Stroke Rate



Title : Stroke Rate

Author : LM Somerton


Publisher : Total-e-Bound Publishing (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 121 pages (e-book)

Published : February 18, 2013




Lucien Thorne likes to be in control, but the boy he wants to own may take some convincing.

Gorgeous but shy, Benedict Astor does his best to keep a low profile at the rowing club where he works. However, unbeknown to Benedict, he has attracted the attention of Lucien Thorne, rowing aristocracy, an Olympic medalist and a Lord.

Whilst looking for a new rowing partner, Lucien believes he has found what he needs in Ben. He pushes him to his limits on the water and it becomes clear that rowing with the pretty young man is not his only interest. Ben is attracted to Lucien but confused about his feelings. Lucien is demanding, arrogant and dominant—which Benedict responds to even though he feels he should resist.

Fighting emotions he doesn’t understand, Ben has to contend with the bullying rowing club president and a humiliating auction of promises.

Lucien recognizes Ben’s hidden submissive streak and makes his own need for control very clear. He bids for Ben’s time and then forces Ben to admit to his own desire to test the ground between them.

When the deeds to the boat club are gambled away, Lucien and Ben must work together to save it. Will their growing love survive the pressure, Ben’s uncertainty and Lucien’s desire to own him completely?


Whew! That was sexy! I can’t say the plot was great but the guys were pretty hot and the characters were good.

Ben is just trying to get through college. He keeps up the row house for a free room. His supervisor is a total prick and enjoys treating Ben like crap. He’s also supposedly straight but leers and makes sexual comments that make Ben uncomfortable but Ben needs the place to live and he gets to use the equipment to row. A day that started off bad turns worse for Ben when the gorgeous but arrogant prick demands he be his rowing partner for the morning.

Lucien Thorn is a lord. Raised with wealth and privilege he’s used to getting what he wants from people. He’s been watching Ben for six months and he likes what he sees. Really likes it. He has his sights set on Ben and he aims to get him.

I think this was a pretty good D/s story for those who don’t like the hard core stuff. I’d say it’s more a really bossy lover telling someone who likes to be told what to do in bed. Yes there was spanking and toys and a little rough sex but there was also a real love connection. The guys came from two different worlds but found some common ground. They admitted their feelings for each other quickly so there wasn’t a lot of angst. I think Lucien bordered on too big of a jerk for my tastes sometimes but he had some nice and tender moments. He also never wavered from his strong and dominate ways so I guess that’s realistic and Ben liked it. Another reason they were made for each other! Ben was a natural born submissive. The beginning of the book had him letting everyone talk down to him or make him nervous. After a few sessions with Lucien he seemed to gain a little confidence and he was able to tell Lucien. I think his reactions came off as someone realizing they like a certain kink but struggling with letting go of what he thinks he should act when told to do things he’s never done before. He’s also a virgin, so there is a little confusion there about what he likes and if he’s just really horny. As the book progressed it got a little sweet and the ending was quick. The book is mostly about the guys falling in love and having lots of sex. There were a few things that didn’t come together for me. Seb was a total psycho and then it was okay?

Overall it was a pretty good read. I caught myself smiling and Ben was adorable. Lucien was so toppy inside the bedroom and often out. He toned it down a bit when the guys settled into a relationship. I’d recommend this if you’re in the mood for some light D/s with a love story.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

4 stars

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