Alliance in Blood



Title : Alliance in Blood

Series : Partnership in Blood, Vol.1

Author : Ariel Tachna


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Paranormal, Fantasy, Vampires

Length : 236 pages (e-book)

Published : May 11, 2008



Can a desperate wizard and a bitter, disillusioned vampire find a way to build the partnership that could save their world?

In a world rocked by magical war, vampires are seen by many as less than human, as the stereotypical creatures of the night who prey on others. But as the war intensifies, the wizards know they need an advantage to turn the tide in their favor: the strength and edge the vampires can give them in the battle against the dark wizards who seek to destroy life as they know it.

In a dangerous move and show of good will, the wizards ask the leader of the vampires to meet with them, so that they might plead their cause. One desperate man, Alain Magnier, and one bitter, disillusioned vampire, Orlando St. Clair, meet in Paris, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance of their decision: Will the vampires join the cause and form a partnership with the wizards to win the war?


This was a pretty damn good read. It had a lot of elements that I enjoy in books all rolled into one. Vampires, good and bad wizards at war, blood bonds and a little violence.

The story takes place in Paris and is told from multiple POVs. You basically have the good wizards, Milice de Sorcellerie, at war with the dark wizards, Serrier’s rebel or dark wizards. The good guys patrol the city protecting it from the dark wizards. The struggle is getting bigger and if the good guys have a chance to win the war they will have to form an alliance with the vampires. There have been so many stories throughout time about vampires and they all seem to paint a very scary picture causing most wizards and humans to view them with contempt. They are thought to be animals and the lowest of the supernatural beings. Vampires have no protection from harm or prejudice though they live in the city side by side with humans and wizards.

The good guys Commanding General, Mercel, decides to have any chance of defeating the dark wizards he needs help from the vampires. He contacts the vampire’s leader, Jean, and they set up a meeting. He sends one of his men, Alain, to meet a vampire at the cemetery in the middle of the night alone. They have to be discreet because there are spies everywhere. Alain is determined to make the alliance to win the war but he doesn’t expect the strong pull he feels to the mysterious creature he meets.

Orlando is sent to find out what the wizards wish to discuss. He knows they want something or they wouldn’t be contacting Jean. When he finds out they wish them to fight along-side the wizards in the war he is skeptical because of the way vampires are treated as less than in society. He demands the wizards bring up legislation to protect the vampire’s rights in exchange for them fighting with them. Alain agrees immediately and to determine the wizard’s honesty he requests a sample of his blood. He finds Alain’s intentions to be true through his blood but he also feels something he has never felt before. The two agree to take the terms to their leaders and meet the next night. Both men are consumed by the intimate moment of the feeding. Instead of shaking over the deal struck the next night Alain offers his blood again. It’s through the second feeding the two give into their lust for each other through a kiss. They also find there is something much more going on between them.

I thought the blood bond in this book was very interesting. You basically have a vampire who will match perfectly with a wizard who feeds them and lets them walk in the sun, which is almost irresistible for the vampires. There is a fun scene where they run around biting wizards to find their match and there are a few I am really looking forward to. 😀

Alain’s only purpose in life is his contribution to the war after suffering the horrible loss of his child. When he finally feels something for someone again he grabs onto it without question. Orlando’s past is horrible and the abuse he endured by his maker has left him with a lot of issues with affection. He knows he wants Alain as his mate but he’s never known love so he fumbles through it a little. The two are perfect for each other and their coupling is very sweet and sexy.

It’s rare in romance that the plot and storylines are more fascinating than the relationship for me but that’s how I felt about this book. Initially it was equal and waiting for that first kiss after the really sexy feedings was a delicious tease but they admitted their feelings rather quickly which left me time to enjoy the rest of the story.

I’d recommend this to anybody who likes good vs. evil with a sweet romance and a few laughs. I’ll definitely be picking up the next book in the series.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

4 stars

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