Cut & Run Web Hunt : and you can quote me


Thanks for joining in the celebration for “Touch & Geaux, Book 7 in the wonderful Cut & Run series, by Abigail Roux. Did you read it yet? We here at Live Your Life, Buy The Book LOVED it!! So we are thrilled to be part of this celebration *\o/* All that you need to do is…. Collect all of the favourite Cut & Run series quotes today, here and at all participating Blog sites (1 quote per Blog Stop), to be eligible for great prizes from Riptide Publishing and Abi Roux! More details about the web hunt, including the list and links to participating Blog sites, can be found HERE.


The mark of a truly great book, with characters that come to life, is the amount of quotes that stay with you. The words being so powerful, or so funny, that they stay with you forever, you may even find yourself using them in everyday conversations. Here are some that spring to mind (my mind) …

A bunch of us here at LYLBTB tend to do silly rather well, and lines of text and words from books really do come into our daily chats – years ago I loved the Sookie Stackhouse series and there is a shower scene and subsequent bedroom scene where Eric’s assets are described as being “gracious plenty” 🙂 I might have used this. Once or twice. A few of us… you know who @.@  have incorporated words from other books into our daily conversations – Waugh!”  – do you know which book that is from? Annnnnnnnd we won’t even start on the Brothers and all  the lines and words from the JR Ward series that we use, true.

I am sure this picture speaks a thousand words… okay, maybe just 3! Do you know the line?


Josh Lanyon also has a long list of quotes from every book that just stay with you, the Adrien English series is a great example with Jake Riordan hitting hard :

“Why can’t you say it?” I hardened my voice. “Because I’m telling you, you never have. I’d have remembered.” He stared at me with disbelief….

“Love you? Of course I love you. Baby, I fucking worship you.”

How about this picture? Does a quote or scene spring to mind? This author, too, is a master of witty one liners and hilarious catchphrases!


Jordan Castillo Price is no slouch either, this quote from GhosTV is Just. Too. Beautiful :

Vic to Jacob .. “You know how much I love you, right? I don’t say it enough, I know. It’s…I…I do. And I’ve never felt like this before. About anyone. Only you.”

And finally to Abigail Roux , and this lady has really hit her stride. The Cut and Run Series is simply incredible. It really goes from strength to strength – every book seems to surpass the previous one. The T’shirt slogans are so funny;  and Ty has some seriously “snarkilicious” lines throughout the series – but it is the beautiful lines of text that almost take on a life of their own – the loving and lovely things that the guys say to eachother, that is what we are celebrating in this Web Hunt and it was such a hard decision to pick a favourite line – really it could be the line that starts with the first word in Cut & Run and ends with the last word in Touch and Geaux 🙂

But as the saying goes … Do, or do not. There is no “try”. So I chose this as my quote of the series… 

“I love you” Ty said, the quiet words devoid of any self-consciousness or his usual bravado.”And I’ve never been able to say that before with such conviction. I can’t remember a time when you weren’t the first thing I thought of, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t care what stands in our way.”


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Good luck!! Thanks for stopping by xx