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Anybody who knows me knows I’m a big fangirl of Rhys Ford’s. So we were super excited to have her on for one of our author Q&As. I’m totally in love with Jae and Cole of her Dirty series. Just thinking about them makes me swoon!  The third installment of the series, Dirty Laundry, is out April 19th at Dreamspinner. I was lucky enough to read it early and l think it’s the best one yet!

We will giving away one ebook of any of the titles in the Dirty series. Just comment below and we will randomly choose a winner. Good luck!  Let’s get to it.

RhysFirst, thank you for having me! I appreciate it very much.

Do you have a favorite Jae and Cole scene?

RhysI’d probably have to say the bed scene is one of my favourites. And when Cole first meets Jae and is about to eat bitter melon.  That’s some nasty stuff. I think it defines their relationship. There’s a bit of give and take there with a dash of the unknown.

Whit: I can’t pick just one. I could maybe do a top five….

Who is your favorite Morgan?

RhysDonal. *grins* He really is the touchstone of the entire clan. He’s great to write. I know he’s very approachable.383080_433177543440123_577199713_n

Whit: I think I have to agree with you. I love what a big sweet teddy bear he is. I’d sneak him bacon. 😉

Do you see Scarlet  ever finding her HEA with her man?

Rhys: I think she has found her HEA. Really, he loves her. What you see of her relationship with him really comes from Jae’s point of view at this moment. I think they are a lot happier than Jae realizes. He does put a lot of his own anxieties on her as well.

Whit: I guess that’s true. They love each other and he chose her by staying in America while doing his family duty.

Bobby is so funny and slutty! I love him ❤ Do you plan on giving Bobby his HEA or/and his own book?

RhysBobby will have his own HEA. Hopefully it’s an HEA. And yes, he’ll have his own book. You meet his love interest in Dirty Laundry.

Whit: If it’s who I think it is I’m smitten!  😉

20926_433177476773463_1268650614_nI thought I read somewhere you like whiskey is there another cocktail you love?

RhysI like the taste of whiskey sometimes. I actually drink very little and am pretty open about my libations. I love cranberry juice and soju.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of writing?

Rhys: Stressing about writing. Um… I’d say reading. I read a lot. Isn’t that the way of all writers? We read as much as we write.

What are you working on next?

Rhys: I am working on a paranormal contemporary called Fish and Ghosts. I’m about halfway done with it. And so far, it’s been a fairly fun write. It’s a lighter read than two series. No murders and drama. A bit suspense but mostly fun.

Do you have plans for a new series? Or a stand alone?

Rhys: Fish and Ghosts is a standalone…and watch me make it at least a dual. Dunno. New series. Right now I’m in the middle of two of them so nope.

Not right now.

I do have a steampunk lingering in the back of my head and will be pubbing out an urban fantasy called Black Dog Blues…which features a bisexual male elf who was raised by humans following a catastrophe that merged the human and the sidhe worlds.

Oh, and I’d love to do a novella featuring Miki and Kane that would be more of a contemporary rather than a mystery, centred on Miki finding some healing and perhaps a bit of fun.

Whit: Um, yes please to all of those. 😀

I just found out you do your own covers. Amazing! What other talents do you have?

RhysI can make a mean kalua pig. I like to cook. I’d say I could learn the art of shutting up. My mouth tends to go on full bore when I’m nervous or tired. I suck at gardening and I’m horrible at any crafting like thing.

What do find really sexy to read about?544920_433183613439516_742618185_n

Rhys: Really good characterization. I can slog through a meh plot if the characters are great. I love an author who can construct people out of words. I think that’s damned sexy.

I also like white knights. I just do. Dunno why. Love a man who can save the day.

Whit: I agree. If I can love the characters I usually love the book.

I saw in one of your dedications you are a fan of Lynn Flewelling and Josh Lanyon.  Which series is your favorite of theirs?

Rhys: I ADORE Lynn. She really is such a foundational author in fantasy for GLBT. Nightrunner is a fantastic series. I’d wholly endorse anyone picking them up. And well, Josh. Josh is love. Josh is really a pinnacle in our genre. I love Adrien and Jake but ah, I also have a love for his couple in Mummy Dearest as well as Kit and JX in his Holmes and Moriarity series.

Whit: We are HUGE fans of Josh Lanyon. I’ve heard really good things about Nightrunner. I even bought the first one but haven’t read it yet. We get a new H&M soon!


Q U I C K F I R E   R O U N D :

How many pets do you have?

Too many. More keep showing up at the door. It’s insane.

Night owl or morning bird?

It depends. I flip towards night more. But when I need sleep. I need sleep.

Something you NEVER leave home without?

My Kindle. The times I’ve left without it, I end up sitting around bored people watching and making up stories in my head.

EPSON MFP imageFavorite Yaoi?

Wow. Hard question. Um… Hell, Gravitation. Antique Bakery? Ouran Host Club? Oh, Teahouse. I’d have to say right now, Teahouse.

Whit: I’m obsessed with Teahouse. We’ve been waiting not so patiently for that fourth volume to be put up for sale.

Blondes, brunettes or redheads?

RhysI usually go for brunettes but I am open in my choices. I do not bar any guy from my lust because of his hair colour. I like to keep my options open. You never know.

Is Kim Jaejoong, or any of the beautiful men you post, your inspiration  for Jae. Who do you see as you write Cole?

I wouldn’t say ONE guy is the inspiration for Jae although Kim Jaejoong is as good a place to start as any. Lee Min Ho as well. Damned tasty boys. Probably a dash of G-Dragon. Jae’s very feline and wary. I’ve tried to portray him that way.

Cole is also a blend. I do think of him as very male, very much of a presence. It’s actually harder to put a face on Cole than Jae, probably because I write the books from his POV so I never really “look” at him. I can see Jae pretty clearly. Bobby too.

Whit: I love seeing pictures of a real person as inspiration for a character. You share lots of lovelies on your FB page and I want to thank you for it. 😀

As you plot a story, do you think romance or mystery first?

I actually plot the mystery. I know where their relationship is g   oing to go so it’s not that difficult to work that into the story. I do try to keep it at a fifty-fifty blend throughout the book but I think how a reader perceives the balance is always going to be their own. I do want to give them an HEA. I do. Hopefully that will happen. That’s usually what I’m aiming for.


Thank you so much for the interview Rhys!

Thank you for letting me answer these. I hope to do this again. You guys rock! *hugs*

You are welcome to ask Rhys questions I didn’t come up with. I’m sure I’ll think of a few more. 

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