Dirty Laundry



Title : Dirty Laundry

Author : Rhys Ford

Series : Cole McGinnis Mysteries, Book 3


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 260 pages (e-book)

Published : April 19, 2013



For ex-cop turned private investigator Cole McGinnis, each day brings a new challenge. Too bad most of them involve pain and death. Claudia, his office manager and surrogate mother, is still recovering from a gunshot, and Cole’s closeted boyfriend, Kim Jae-Min, suddenly finds his teenaged sister dumped in his lap. Meanwhile, Cole has his own sibling problems—most notably, a mysterious half brother from Japan whom his older brother, Mike, is determined they welcome with open arms. 

As if his own personal dramas weren’t enough, Cole is approached by Madame Sun, a fortune-teller whose clients have been dying at an alarming rate. Convinced someone is after her customers, she wants the matter investigated, but the police think she’s imagining things. Hoping to put Sun’s mind at ease, Cole takes the case and finds himself plunged into a Gordian knot of lies and betrayal where no one is who they are supposed to be and Death seems to be the only card in Madame Sun’s deck.


This is book 3 in a series about PI Cole McGinnis and his Korean lover, photographer Kim Jae-Min.  I absolutely recommend reading them all, and in order, to best understand the full history of Cole, Jae and their complexities.

Wow, where to start!! This is such an absolutely fantastic addition to a wonderful series in which Rhys Ford has taken each book up a notch and increased my emotional investment in Cole and Jae. Dirty Laundry had me alternatingly laughing, crying and peeking between my fingers to see what was happening next in Cole and Jae’s oft challenging journey through life as individuals and as a couple.   😀

One of the things I loved most about this book is that I felt as though I became Cole when I was reading. His emotions, his reactions, his absolute bone deep love and need for Jae, I felt them all.  While at times it might have been nice to gain access to Jae’s absolute inner thoughts, the writer leaves us with no need. Not when Cole is so good at telling us what he deciphers from Jae’s words and actions, and when the author graces us with dialogue from Jae such as this:

“I need to be this man with you, Cole-ah. A man who loves men, and it scares me. It scares me so deep inside, I am cold from the fear of it, but,” he whispered in the deepening darkness, “I want to come home to you. When we’re here, I feel…safe. I feel wanted. You make me doubt when I’m happy because I feel like I can’t hold it inside of me. Being with you is like…my soul coming with happiness. Does that make any sense?”  

Well, hell yes! It certainly makes sense to this reader. Lovely words. They speak volumes. Sigh.

This is a book (and series) that has a great emotional/relationship/individual growth arc for Cole and Jae. The focus on Korean culture requires attention to detail – names and familial ties need to be kept sorted – and is a plus. I find it to be a wonderful and thoroughly intriguing aspect of the appeal and uniqueness of this series.

Rhys has written love making scenes that absolutely top my list for combining white hot passion, emotional exposure, soul- baring words and actions, and very importantly to me, these scenes always hold direct impact to the course of the relationship.  I’m talking Gah-worthy scorching and mind blowing here folks. The love and chemistry between Cole and Jae is palpable and off the charts during all aspects of the story. The lengths they would go to see each other obtain what they need in life is indeed beautiful to behold.

I found myself completely charmed by and enjoying all of the secondary characters, both old friends and new. Some of them turned out to be as much of a surprise to Cole and Jae as they were to me.  😉 They are strongly drawn, fully portrayed and important and relevant to the main story. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future of the series.

Cole’s investigation case was fully engrossing and, as usual, full of twists and turns. Rhys seamlessly weaves together subplots and the secondary characters in a way that keeps the story fresh and captivating and had me always wondering what was coming next.

And the ending… geez oh man the world could have stopped and I wouldn’t have noticed until I came to the last words. During the last few pages I.Did.Not.Breath. Bring on book #4!!  😀

Highly recommended.

Rated 5 stars by Dianne

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