May is Sports Month

This has been a momentous week in the world of sport – Jason Collins may not be the first openly gay pro athlete in the world, but as the BBC News says

“ … for years, pundits have wondered when the US would see an openly gay team player from one of the big four professional sports: baseball, football, basketball or hockey.”

And this week it happened!! Huge props to Jason Collins. I think I will be buying and keeping that issue of Sports Illustrated. The thing I love most about the BBC post is the final tag line …

“ … in the future, fewer players will ‘come out’ upon entering professional sports – they will instead already be out.”

There has been support for him from US President Obama and a wonderful piece in the Huffington Post by the Rev. Al Sharpton. We thought we would celebrate the occasion on our blog by declaring May our “Sports Month!”

We love sports-themed books here at “Live Your Life, Buy The Book” and have already reviewed some wonderful stories within the genre this year, covering sports such as PBR, Soccer, Tennis, Football, Rowing, Rugby, Golf, Ice Hockey and Car Racing. Check out our previous reviews and be sure to keep an eye on the great books we will be covering this month!

We are also thrilled to announce that we will be featuring some guest reviewers this month, so – Watch. This. Space.

Let the games commence ……