Every Move He Makes



Title : Every Move He Makes

Author : Barbara Elsborg


Publisher : Samhain Publishing (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 324 pages (e-book)

Published : May 7, 2013

Rating : ★★★★1/2



Keeping an eye on his charge isn’t easy. Keeping his hands off? Impossible…

It took attending his own funeral to force Logan to accept a new life as an undercover MI6 agent. That doesn’t make his latest assignment any less aggravating. Babysitting a Russian pop star with delusions that someone’s trying to kill him.

Other than an inexplicable attraction Logan ruthlessly suppresses, he couldn’t have less in common with the irritating, arrogant rich kid. He’s even prepared to walk away—until very real bullets start flying.

After his mother’s death, Zak Kochenkov’s life unravels in an impenetrable haze of grief, drugs and alcohol—until one bodyguard candidate stands out. Except his hopes of having some fun with that guard’s body evaporate when he realizes Logan is buttoned up tighter than a clam.

The first thing Logan learns is that his charge won’t do as he’s told. And there’s some secret behind his haunted eyes that shakes Logan’s resolve to keep him at arm’s length. Because he knows if he lets passion close his eyes, that’s when danger will find them both…


I loved this book. It’s not angst filled so it doesn’t have that intense impact most five-star books have but I didn’t want to put it down and when I had to, I couldn’t wait to pick it up. The romance was kind of a long slow burn. The chemistry is so good but both men are damaged so they resist acting on the attraction. Well, Logan resists and Zak tempts! There are moments when they give into kisses or slamming against walls so it’s not action free in the physical department. It just feeds the need. When they do finally give in it makes it so damn hot. The story is told from the POV of both of the MCs which I usually enjoy, because I like to know what’s going on in their heads.

Logan returns to work after almost dying from injuries on the job. He was beaten so badly and his identity as an M16 agent compromised, so he’s given reconstructive surgery and has his face altered while correcting the damage. Yes it sounds like a soap opera but it was handled well. His first assignment back is protecting what he thinks is a self-destructive addicted rich boy. Things aren’t always what they seem. He sees glimpses into the real man. Zak is funny, smart and talented. Logan is extremely attracted to him. Zak is a mess, and his client, so even a little sexual relief is out of the question. He needs to get Zak to trust him to help him and the two have moments where they share things they didn’t mean to. The nature of Logan’s job means he doesn’t see the point in making connections since nothing in his life is permanent and it would only put the person he cares about in danger. Somewhere along the murder attempts and running he starts to think of Zak as more than just a job.

Zak is spiraling out of control. Too bad he doesn’t give a shit. He drinks too much. Takes whatever drugs he’s offered. Screws strangers and walks away. He sabotages his multiple chances to rehabilitate his career as the violinist in a popular band. People trying to kill him doesn’t even break through the haze he’s living in. His guilt about his mother’s death has consumed him. His father intervenes with a line up of body guards and Zak zones right in on gorgeous number 5, Logan. Zak doesn’t like the idea of a babysitter but has little choice and he may as well get some competent eye candy if he has to have one. Another attempt on Zak’s life has Logan demanding they take a little vacation for a while. Zak thinks a few days on the beach looking at his sexy new employee sounds like a great idea. Logan has a different idea. One that takes them way up in the mountains. Zak is determined to get Logan to act on the obvious attraction. They are both out and willing so why not? He doesn’t do relationships either so why can’t he take the rejections Logan keeps throwing at him and move on?

This book also has some good action and espionage. The depiction of the Russian mafia was subtle but terrifying. I wouldn’t want them to get their hands on me! Logan was a total bad ass and Zak was witty and fun. Logan and Zak made a great couple despite them being opposites. Both dealing with issues from their past and not knowing or believing they could have something real. It was so good! I highly recommend.

Rated 4.5 stars by Whit

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