The Saturnalia Effect



Title : The Saturnalia Affect

Author : Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane


Publisher : Storm Moon Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, Prison

Length : 23,000 words

Published : December 20, 2011




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Troy Khoury is serving a life sentence in Westgate prison for a robbery gone wrong. He just wants to keep his head down and do his time, but he runs afoul of an old-timer named Franchetti. Franchetti offers Troy a simple choice: kill fellow inmate Daniel Amato by Christmas in exchange for protection, or be tortured and raped to death by Franchetti’s heavy, Pliers. Troy’s no killer, though, and Daniel is as gentle and calm as can be. But a prison is a small place, and time is running out. Troy must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice before the choice is taken from him.


I love prison books. So when Whit, my Goodreads Guru, saw this book  she knew straight away who to pimp it to! Whit seldom steers me wrong, and this was no exception. It was good!!

Troy Khoury, as the blurb says, is in prison for life. He isn’t guilty, of course. Well, not of that crime. He is a bad kid for sure, but he was caught in a terrible burglary-gone-wrong with awful ramifications for him, his family and, obviously, the cop that was killed. This is one of the aspects about prison that fascinates me – there is such a strong possibility of turning bad kids into terrible adults. Troy is asked to do something that he is really not capable of …. or wasn’t, but a pretty boy in prison is sometimes forced to do whatever he has to in order to survive.

Franchetti wants Troy to kill a fellow inmate – Daniel Amato. The plan is to seduce him then cut his throat. He is “persuaded” to fall in with their plans by Franchetti’s henchman, Pliers, who is just evil – truly one of the worst characters I have ever read. Troy has no clue why they want Daniel dead – is it a prison bust up? Were they enemies already on the outside? Does he have something of Franchetti’s? He won’t get any answers from them (and I’m not telling you!) but in the hope of their future protection, he agrees to their demands.

Daniel is serving a double life sentence, and has been in for 13 years so far. That’s a long time. Troy is gay, and assumes that Daniel was straight on the outside, and just doing guys now as that is the only option. Not that that matters, really, but in that time there must have been others – Daniel is gorgeous and the other inmates are scared of him so he really can have whoever he wants. Luckily he wants Troy. So part one of the plan is in place.

They really were very sweet together. Some of the things Daniel said were just wonderful. So protective yet wanting Troy to also be able to defend himself. There is a story behind that 🙂 and, again, my lips are sealed. For such a short book the authors really managed to fit so much back story in. One thing I would say is that you need to bear in mind that this is a Xmas story… so even though I thought for a while that my heart was going to break, it didn’t. I got my HEA. One that certainly stretched the bounds of belief, but if you can’t believe at Xmas then when can you? I really liked this book! Go. Buy the Book!

….. and buy it at Storm Moon Press so that you get the deleted scene. Which was H A W T !! A nice little addition to the main story. It’s strange, when I was reading the story and it came to this part – it definitely felt truncated. I’m not sure why it was not part of the story then, maybe word count constraints? Whatever. I was just glad to read it.

Rated 4 stars by Barb

4 stars

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