The Machinist



Title : The Machinist

Author : Gryvon


Publisher : Storm Moon Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, post-apocalyptic, gun kink

Length : 22 pages

Published : July 12, 2012




In a nightmare world where the things in the dark are large and hungry and humanity has been driven back to the tribal and savage, a man like Avery Belfour is an asset. Avery is a machinist, one of the few left with the knowledge to keep mechanical devices—in particular, guns—in working order. But being in such high demand comes with a price: Avery is kept as a prisoner under lock and key.

When a rival colony raids the compound Avery is kept in and breaks him out, Avery has a brief hope that his incarceration is over. But it turns out that his saviors have just as much need for his services and are just as unlikely to give him the chance to say no. He is dragged away to meet the dark and deadly Harrow, the leader of this new colony. Harrow is a hard man, made so by his circumstances, but Avery wants his freedom, and is willing to do anything to secure it.


That was over too quickly! I felt like I was just getting started. I didn’t find out there was another one until the day after I read it but thank goodness there is. I really liked it but it just wasn’t enough. I felt teased!

Avery wakes up in a cell with plenty of noise alerting him to something going on outside. He assumes somebody is raiding the place he is and as the noise gets closer to him so he knows they’re coming for him. The only thing notable about him is he’s a machinist. When the giant soldier with peppered hair appears to rescue or recapture him he’s willing to go with him because anything is better than his current situation. What awaits them outside the castle walls is a battle between men and monsters.

Okay. It’s a pretty short story so I’ll stop there but I honestly felt like this was the first few chapters of damn good book in the making. The chemistry between Avery and his savior was twisted but so damn hot! I love it when authors push what I think my limits are. I totally bought both the roles the guys played in the story and I’m looking forward to more. This is the second time I’ve read about gun play in the bedroom and yes it’s not something I’d like in real life but they liked it and it’s fiction. Looking forward to the guys exploring whatever it is they’ve found together.

Rated 3.5 stars by Whit


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