Finding Jackie



Title : Finding Jackie

Author : Lou Sylvre

Series : Vasquez & James, Book 3

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Mystery, Suspense

Length : 220 pages (e-book)

Published : May 17, 2013

Rating : ★★★★★



Sequel to Delsyn’s Blues
Vasquez & James: Book Three

Luki Vasquez and Sonny Bly James finally have their Hawaiian wedding, and it’s perfect, almost. But their three-phase honeymoon is riddled with strife. Luki’s status as a working badass spells discord for the newlyweds. A former informant from Luki’s days with ATFE brings a troubling message (or is it a warning?) from a Mob hit man. When Luki’s sixteen-year-old nephew, Jackie, is lured into capture and torture by a sadistic killer, the honeymoon is well and truly over.

The couple put aside their differences and focus on the grueling hunt, which takes them from leather bars to dusty desert back roads, and calls on Sonny’s deep compassion as well as Luki’s sharpest skills. Their world threatens to fall apart if they fail, but their love may grow stronger than ever if they succeed in finding Jackie—before it’s too late.


This book is part of a series that needs to be read in order, with the titles Loving Luki Vasquez, followed by Delsyn’s Blues, having come prior.

Yay! It is so exciting to have Sonny and Luki back. I’m happy to acknowledge that I have been in love with both of them ever since reading the first 2 pages of “Loving Luki Vasquez.” An apropos title in many respects. 😉 Both characters are very well drawn, charismatic, compelling, and are portrayed in equal depth. Sonny definitely does not get short shrift simply because Luki is a badass law man and investigator. The reader is treated to significant character growth as both men adjust to life as a couple, and recognize the essential need to measure their individual desires and actions against how it will affect their relationship.

As the story opens, Sonny and Luki are enjoying their wedding in Hawaii, surrounded by friends and family. The love between these two is palpable – they never miss the chance to tell each other how they feel, and more importantly to show it. Examples being the couple’s woven wedding accessories (original works made by Sonny), Luki giving up smoking because Sonny asked him to, and Sonny being attentive to Luki’s latent demons. Their happiness is evident. They are rocks for each other throughout everything that happens. I love the sensual feel to their entire relationship. The sex between them is extremely hot, intimate and always exudes emotional purpose.

Lou presents an incredibly riveting story that is as beautifully woven as Sonny’s art. It grabbed me immediately and demanded not to be put down until finished. It’s been several months since the death of Sonny’s nephew, Delsyn, and Sonny is still learning to cope with the loss, Luki is grappling with wondering what direction his professional life may go in while watching Sonny’s weaving career soar. He is softening some, has developed more of an easy going attitude, but still pulls out his ultimate Badass with aplomb when necessary. And is it ever necessary! The characters from Delsyn’s Blues are back – some with a vengeance. Someone is out to hurt Luki where it will cut deepest – by preying on those he cares about most in the world. His troubled nephew, Jackie, gets caught up as an unwitting pawn in the dark scheme. The title of “Finding Jackie” pertains not only to physically finding him and bringing him home, but in his loved ones helping him to find his way to embracing his true self. It falls to Luki, his rookie agent Brian from Vasquez Security, and the ATF to save him. Sonny stays at Luki’s side and aids him throughout the entire ordeal.

This powerful adventure had me turning pages (tapping the screen?!) at a fast pace. Sonny and Luki stand solid at the end, although there is most definitely room left to explore how these two will maneuver their lives together. There was a nice thread between two of the other characters, including a twist at the end which promises the possibility of more between them in the future.

Note to readers: This book contains references to past and present abuse, including a past rape. None of which happens on page. This information is crucial to understanding and appreciating the character development.

kapowRated 5 stars by Dianne

LYLBTB 50 star