Six Degrees of Lust



Title : Six Degrees of Lust

Author : Taylor V. Donovan


Publisher : MLR Press

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Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 392 pages (e-book)

Published : December 30, 2011



Six Degrees of Lust is both an ensemble novel and the first installment in the By Degrees serial. This means the story will continue. Thanks.

New York City FBI team leader Samuel Shaughnessy lives for his immediate family and his job. After a marriage gone wrong he has stuck to a firm rule when it comes to relationships: he doesn’t have them. Sexually active and emotionally unavailable keeps him satisfied, especially now that he is in hot pursuit of a serial killer targeting gay men.

Former firefighter Machlan O’Bannon now manages a successful sports bar in Houston and after years of waiting he’s ready to stand up and be the man he always wanted to be: out, proud and drama-free. His politically-aligned family wants to keep him locked in the closet, but Mac just wants to meet the man of his dreams.

One man is as high strung as the other is laid back. A chance meeting brings the two men together, and one night of passion ignites a fire neither can fight. Their lives are not only miles apart, but as different as day and night. They don’t want to get involved…but will they be able to stay apart?


You know those books your friends just rave about? The ones you run off to buy and mark on your TBR based on the excitement alone. This was one of those books. However, anytime a book comes with a warning in the blurb I get a little nervous. When I heard this book has a HFN ending I started to push it further down the list. Well, I finally read it and it was great. Leaving me wanting to smack myself for waiting so long to read it because I loved it. I can’t wait for the next one! Coming soon, right? 🙂

Sam is the lead of a special team of FBI agents hunting down a serial killer who is targeting gay men. He’s new to the case and the bodies are piling up. As if that’s not enough his sister and nephew move in with him after Sam finds out his brother-in-law has been physically abusing them both. Not the right time at all to meet Mac, the sexy Texan. The chemistry is instant and undeniable. Both men decide to spend the night together in the hopes of quenching their desire for each other. Sam’s a bit of a mess. A tragic ending to his marriage years before has him swearing off relationships. He doesn’t even usually see a guy more than once but Mac does something to him.

Mac is still firmly in the closet after a deal made to protect his conservative political family. The deal seemed fine at the time since he was in a relationship with a closeted guy anyway. It’s put a damper on his love life but he only has months left of the promise to keep his sexual preference secret then he can start looking for Mr Right. He’s thrilled to meet Sam on a trip to NYC. A random hook up in another state won’t get back to anybody Mac knows and damn but he wants Sam. More than anybody in a long time. Maybe ever. Good thing he wants him so bad because Sam is basically a jerk. His need to control and to keep things on a “sex” only basis have him saying things that would send most people running but not Mac. It’s obvious one night was never going to be enough, so they decide to make it a monthly thing. Rules are set, mostly by Sam, with the intent of keeping things casual. Despite all the pushing away Sam does the guys start to fall but admitting they feel something would just be too easy. Instead they both take what they can get. Both knowing it’s more than either of them ever bargained for.

So that’s the romance part of the story. There are other couplings being set up (I think?) in the book. I loved Mac and Sam. Each man has his own issues with relationships. Sam doesn’t want anybody falling for him ever again. Mac was treated like a secret piece of ass on the side. His family is truly despicable. Sam and Mac don’t really mean to fall for each other. The difference is Mac accepts they have something special while Sam does everything he can to crush that hope. It’s frustrating in that really good way. The sex is hot and I found myself understanding how Mac can forgive Sam because those sweet vulnerable moments Sam lets slip were so powerful.

The baddie serial killer is a freak. You find out, or you think you find, out who it is really quickly but I have no idea who he actually is or how he’s connected to the others. I enjoy how we slowly find out how all the characters are tied together with the six degrees of separation theory.

My only real gripe about this book is all story lines left open at the end of the book. I was happy enough with the Mac and Sam HFN because it did end on a positive if not satisfying note. We’ve been promised a book 2 so I’m fine with it.

I do like a book that has me thinking days later and leaves room for speculating but waiting for the next one is going to suck! Sam and Mac are so good together! Even when they fight, the connection is there. You can feel it! I love so many of the secondary characters and can’t wait to find out what happens to them. I really enjoyed every moment of this book. I recommend picking this one up!

Rated 4.5 stars by Whit


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