Ghost Star Night



Title : Ghost Star Night

Series : Sea of Stars, Book #1

Author : Nicole Kimberling


Publisher : Samhain (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Fantasy

Length : 200 pages (e-book)

Published : August 4, 2009



Desire. Destruction. Destiny. Thomas Myrdin knows that intrigue is part of life at court, but that doesn’t make his king’s betrayal any easier to take. Yet heartbreak troubles him less than the apocalyptic visions that haunt him. Fiery premonitions that show the world burning in ruins–and the cause, the king’s daughter. Visions and vengeance awaken a strange new power within him, but not even he is sure if he is the kingdom’s savior, the king’s pawn. Lord Adam Wexley harbors a secret longing for the elegant Thomas, but his duty is to protect the newborn princess. When a sudden threat arises, Adam seeks to procure services of Grand Magician Zachary Drake. Even if it means sacrificing his own soul–and his body. Drake has seen the worst of kings and courtiers. Now he protects himself with powerful sorcery and the adamant refusal to affiliate with any of the Four Courts. But the grand magician isn’t without weaknesses and Adam may be the one enticement that could draw him to ruin. In a rising storm of magic with the power to strip away men’s souls, the thread of desire connecting three men could be the kingdom’s last lifeline..

Product Warnings :
This story contains men, magic, man-on-man moments, orangutans speaking in sign language, beehive hairdos and an army of soulless janitors that seeks to destroy them all.


Finishing this book at 1am may not have been ideal because I’m still buzzing with how amazing it was. I have no idea why the ratings aren’t higher for this book. I thought the world building was fascinating and unique. The characters were wonderful. The entire book built up in suspense and the last twenty pages were so vivid I found myself wanting to jump into the fight because my heroes had to be triumphant! Fantasy lovers should jump on this one. The romantic story may not be as hot and steamy as most stories in this genre but it’s there and it hooked me.

Imagine a city with a compass in the middle. Surrounding that compass in all four directions is a different court holding power over the city and protecting the balance of magic. Each court is ruled by different families. Consorts make up the court population. To be in that court you have to hand over your soul to that person. Once that person owns your soul they have complete power over you. You have free will but ultimately they own you. Adam is from the West court. Though he longs to be of service to his court, nobody asks more of him than his loyalty and to look pretty and entertain. He’s at the beck and call of Lady Langdon, whom requires him to fetch Drake the magician of the Black Tower.

Sending the lovely Adam to request his presence to help Lady Langdon was a brilliant one because Adam is just Drake’s type. He finds himself not wanting to say no to Adam and does the job requested of him. Drake’s hopes of taking Adam back to his place are shattered when he realizes Adam has set his sights on a man of the court, Thomas, Drake walks away not surprised that someone like Adam would prefer a guy like Thomas.

Drake has more important things to worry about if the signs popping around him come to fruition. Fate and an assassination attempt bring Adam back into the mix. The more Drake learns the more he realizes something big is about to happen and he may be the only one with enough magic to save them all.

So many things I loved about this book I’m feeling a little manic in trying to share them all in a review. I guess it’s safest to say that it was just too awesome to sum up properly. 😀 Fantasy lovers should pick this up ASAP!

Drake is such a wonderful character. He’s powerful and strong but has a strong need to be loved because he lost his parents so young. He’s compassionate but doesn’t like people knowing he has any vulnerabilities. He’s just such a complex and endearing character. Sexy as hell, too! Although his relationship with Adam wasn’t as hot and heavy as most m/m romance books you could still feel the connection. By the end of the book I felt the guys found something real with each other. There is room for their relationship to grow and I’m looking forward to reading more about it in the next book. The transferring of souls into animal bodies and the soulless bodies left behind lent a truly creepy vibe to the story. It makes you feel like nobody is safe at anytime. I’m hoping Karl, Adam’s chauffeur in a chimpanzee’s body, gets Drake’s help or a little more resolution in the next book. The sequel to Ghost Star Night is out later this month and I can not freaking wait! AWESOME book!

Rated 5 stars by Whit

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