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Today we have the lovely Silvia Violet here for our author Q&A and she’s giving away a book! I had the pleasure of meeting her at GRL 2012 and just loved her. She has another new release coming soon that I had the pleasure to read, Embracing Need”, out June 10th. It’s Tristan’s book! I know so many of us have been looking forward to his book. Thanks for stopping by, Silvia.

I loved “Denying Yourself”! A new series for you. So three books planned for this series? Next up is Carl, right? I wanted him to be happy but Shane belonged with Matt. Have we met his love interest yet?

I do have three books planned right now with the possibility of more. Carl’s story is next, because he definitely needs his happily ever after. The man he will find it with does not appear in “Denying Yourself”. He comes to the hotel a few months after the end of that story.

Will Egan ever get to redeem himself and win Alex’s heart? Do you think Alex has any clue how Egan feels about him?

Egan has so much good in him, but he does a great job of hiding it. I couldn’t leave him unredeemed. You’ll get some of his and Alex’s story woven into Carl’s book and then they will have a book of their own. Alex truly doesn’t get how Egan feels about him. Alex has wanted Egan since they were teenagers but he hates that he does. Egan has been an ass to him so many times that he really thinks there’s nothing there.

I love when an author redeems a character. It’s helpful to see it from another person’s perspective. Sounds like there will be some delicious tension those boys will have to work out. 😉

There’s definitely a lot of tension and the payoff will be well worth the hardship of getting there 🙂

I know you love Ty and Zane. Are you team Ty or Zane?

I love them both dearly but if I had to pick. I’m Team Ty. There’s just something about the ways that he’s vulnerable that gets to me…. I’m a Ty girl, too!

Arresting-Love-200x300Are you surprised at how much your fans loved Tristan? I’ll admit he’s my favorite in the Wild R Farm series so far.

I was surprised. Tristan was completely unplanned. He popped into my head as I was writing “Arresting Love” and I’d just planned to use him to make Billy reveal how he felt about Levi and then move on, but Tristan was very insistent that he needed his own story so I let him have a larger role. The first thing all my beta readers said was – you are giving Tristan his own book, right? And then once “Arresting Love” was released, the response to Tristan blew me away. I was surprised but also thrilled. He’s so fun to work with. Now he and Wes will be getting not only their novella, but also a short story, “Taming Tristan”, later this summer and possibly a spin off series.

Their novella is available at…

You can pre-order “Embracing Need” at All Romance eBooks

SV_PS-HoofinIt_large-197x300You seem to have a thing for shifters. Is it fun to create shifter worlds and characters? Any plans for vampires? 😀

I love creating shifter worlds and characters. I try to give my characters some of the traits of their animal even in their human form – the way they move, the way they gesture, their personality. For example, I’ve written a fast-talking, hyper deer shifter (Jason from “Sex on the Hoof”) and an arrogant, grouchy, “lone wolf” (Cole from Wild R Farm). When I create the world shifters live in, I consider what their relationship is to humans, how shifting works physically, and what limitations their non-human status puts on them. So far, I’ve enjoyed having shifters be known to humans and have to fight against human prejudice.

Drew in Sex on the Hoof and “Hoofin’ It to the Altar” is a vampire, one who goes against most of his kind. I don’t have any current plans for more vampire stories but I never know when a character will take me by surprise…. I really do love how grouchy Cole is. 😀

What are some of your hobbies?

My number one hobby is baking. I love trying new things and if I go several days without baking I start to feel all jittery with the need to stir something up – scones, muffins, cookies, a cake. I love to read about other people’s baking adventures too. I also like to hike and living in the mountains gives me lots of places to go. I used to sew and knit more than I do now – something had to give with homeschooling and writing.

I met you at GRL last year. I liked you so much I had to look up your list of books. You’re going this year, too, right? Are you planning on dressing up for any of the parties?

Wow! What a sweet thing to say. I am going again this year and so looking forward to it. I’m not usually one for costumes, but I’ve been pondering a few ideas for the masquerade. I’m not decided yet, but I might show my Firefly pride and go as a browncoat.

If you had to pick a favorite of your characters or couple from your books who would they/he/she be?

It’s very hard to pick because I love them all and the answer would probably differ depending on what I was working on but Tristan is definitely a favorite. His voice is so clear in my head and he’s a lot of fun.

What made you start writing m/m?

I first discovered m/m/f menage as a reader (menages where the men have a sexual relationship with each other as well as with a woman). I wrote a few m/m/f stories and enjoyed writing the men together, but I hadn’t considered writing m/m until I started to read a lot of it. Someone insisted I read Cut and Run and from there I was hooked. When a gay character appeared in one of my m/f stories, I decided he needed a book of his own which led to “Sex on the Hoof” and my discovery that I loved writing m/m.

You’ve had some really awesome covers. How much input do you have in them?

Thank you. I’ve been fortunate that most of the publishers I’ve worked with have let me have a lot of say in my covers and I have found a few wonderful cover artists to work with for my self-published books. BitterGrace art went above and beyond the call of duty to make the cover for “Embracing Need” look just like I wanted it to.

SV_Astronomical_coverin500x750-200x300Red or White wine?


What do you have coming up next?

After the release of “Embracing Need” on June 10, I have a story, “Open to the Past”, releasing as part of the MLR Mixed Tape collection and then on July 2, “Meteor Strike”, a follow up to Astronomical, will be released by Loose Id.

Oh! I have “Astronomical” on my TBR! Another gorgeous cover.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much for chatting with us today! Good luck on the new releases and can’t wait to see you in October. 😀


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Silvia would like to offer any ebook in her Wild Farm series to one lucky winner today. Isn’t she sweet? They can be read as stand alones but it’s better if you read them in order. To enter just comment below. We will pick winner randomly. Good luck!


Thanks Silvia for stopping by, and the best of luck with your new release!!