Baby, It’s Cold Outside




Title : Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Series : Bellingham Mysteries, Book #2

Author : Nicole Kimberling


Publisher : Loose id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 69 pages (e-book)

Published : December 29, 2009



Small town Pacific Northwest reporter Peter Fontaine wants to level up. A job offer in Austin seems to be the answer to his prayers, but there’s one catch: his boyfriend, Nick Olson, artist, recluse, and snow-loving outdoorsman.
When Peter agrees to go to the Freezing Man snow sculpture competition, he thinks he’s going to get a lesson in making love in a hollowed-out snowball in the woods. He thinks he’ll either find a way to convince Nick to come to the Lone Star State or be forced to say goodbye. But one frozen corpse derails Peter’s personal plans entirely…


This is the second book in the Bellingham Mystery Series and I cannot get enough of these guys and this town! I am loathe to say things like “favourite couple EVER!” as, you know, there are 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year…. that’s a lot of reading time to share the love. But – Nick and Peter are right up there with the Tys, the Zanes, the Jakes, Aidriens, Vics and even the Jacobs of my literary love life. They are getting better and better!

In this installment the two have been together for 2 years now, living together for 1. By this stage in a relationship you should really know pretty much everything about eachother, and certainly be discussing things that could have a huge bearing on your life together. Like, you know, if one of you wants  to upticks and move because of a great sounding job offer. But how do you bring it up? When is the right time? Peter – much like me – is a last minute, worst minute, gotta blurt it out finally, kinda operator. I just adore him. I loved how it was never really an option though that they wouldn’t both go, if the move does  happen. They are in for the long haul. And that is another thing I love about Nicole’s writing – situations are not overdone with angst, stuff doesn’t get dragged out.

They have gone up into the snow with a group of people for the annual Freezing Man snow sculpting competition. It’s Peter’s first time, and he is going to cover the event for the Hamster … of course you just know that means something is going to happen. Someone is going to die. And, of course, Peter will involve himself. I love it!!! Nick is his usual rock solid self. He built them an igloo for Heaven’s sake … well, a quinzhee. 🙂 We also meet Kjell, Nick’s cousin – another character I really hope we see more of. The mystery, again, is really good. I sat thinking how clever I was re the horizontal snow man, but the twist in the tale certainly took me by surprise!

The cherry on the top was the shaving at the end of the book. I have this thing about the intimacy of one guy shaving another. Very sexy. When the shavee allows the shaver to first make a feature or two out of the beard, on the way to a close shave – facial topiary, if you will 😉 well that just takes it to another level for me. ♥  So darn cute and sexy! Once more. Go. Buy the Book!

I am onto book 3 now – “Black Cat Ink” – and there be cats!!

Rated 5 stars by Barb

HI 5!

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