Weight of a Gun II



Title : Weight of a Gun II

Authors : Gryvon, Grey, Blackwell

Series : Weight of a Gun, Book 2


Publisher : Storm Moon Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Fetish, Dubious Consent, Gun Kink

Length : 88 pages (e-book)

Published : December 14, 2012



Everyone knows that guns are dangerous; they have long been a subject surrounded by controversy. Combine them with sex and you have a subject that is virtually taboo, but smoking hot. Our second gun kink anthology continues to push the envelope of combining sex and guns with three more stories hot enough to cause powder burns.

Continuing in the world of “The Machinist”, Avery Belfour and his captor/lover Lord Harrow now face the threat of “The Inquisitor”. But Harrow is very possessive of his prize and has no intention of turning Avery over without a fight. Then, a routine black market bust goes wrong for Officer Caleb Baker. He ends up “Playing With the Big Boys” when the thieves get the drop on him and decide to have some fun with their new catch. And finally, Cole Beauchamp is the greatest pistoleer of all time; he’s also thoroughly unpleasant and has a habit of scaring away his assistants. But when he is sought out by a devotee with a love of guns that matches his own, Cole finds a new respect for “Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders”.


The Inquisitor, by Gryvon

I am so happy I got more from these guys! This is a continuation of the “The Machinist” in the first book of this Anthology. There has to be more coming with the way this one ended damn it! I’m loving the guys together. The plot just thickened. Who saw that coming? Not me! The sex is super hot. Rough and bordering on violent but they both love it. Avery is content and falling for Harrow. Harrow is absolutely falling for Avery even if it’s the last thing he wants to admit. I’m looking forward to Harrow going to get his man. It should be interesting watching him squirm with weighing his feelings for Avery versus what he will have to do to get him back. Bring on the next one! ~ Rated 4 stars by Whitney.

Playing with the Big Boys, by Scarlet Blackwell

“Playing with the Big Boys” is more of a scene than a story.  Police Officer Caleb Baker is a top and all about domination.  He’s not interested in entanglements, just the sex.  His partner, Dennis, thinks he should just relax and admit there are things he should try.  Being in control can also be about admitting what you enjoy and reveling in it.  While searching for criminals with stolen goods Caleb is hit over the head.  Upon waking he finds himself bound and at the mercy of two men with plans to have sex with him.  Their sex incorporates many of Caleb’s weapons and he finds himself enjoying it repeatedly and greatly.  He particularly finds himself drawn to one of his rapists, Leon.  The scene ends with Caleb and Leon having a bit of a turnabout is fair play kind of moment.  Caleb also learns this was  set up by Dennis.

If you are a fan of rape fantasy this was actually quite well written, even rather sexy.  If you’re a fan of rape fantasy please just stop reading this review now, you’ll most likely enjoy the story, go forth, buy and enjoy.  I’m not really a fan of rape fantasy.  At least not as it’s portrayed in this short story.  It seems the premise is Caleb should just be raped until he likes bottoming.  When I do enjoy rape fantasy in a book I find it needs to be known by everyone involved that it’s a fantasy.  Caleb thought he was being gang raped and his partner may have been lying bleeding to death.  It’s not my thing. ~ Rated 3  stars by Faye.

Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders, by Cornelia Grey

First off let me just say that is the best freaking title. Seriously brilliant. I’d read the blurb just for that alone. Second, the mention of the circus just had me. I thought the imagery was brilliant. I could see everything clearly without getting bogged down in details. I liked the characters. Shy guy escapes his life as a slave at a chance to work with the best gun guy in the entertainment industry, Cole Beauchamp. Cole is gorgeous and difficult but very talented with a gun and wouldn’t you know it that guns are what get Benjamin off? I liked how they both slowly and quietly realized how hot they were for each other and the adrenaline that came from the shooting act. So hot! Yep. I liked this one. ~ Rated 3.5 stars by Whitney.

Rated 3.5 stars overall


4 heat