Same Page



Title : Same Page

Author : Lily Velden

Series: How the Light Gets In, Book 1


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 340 pages (e-book)

Published : June 14, 2013



Book One: How the Light Gets In 

He was like the only splash of color in a black-and-white photograph. 

The man was beautiful. 

At an exhibition opening in Sydney, jaded Hollywood heart-throb Jaxon Moncrieff lays eyes on publicity-shy artist Liam Lassiter for the first time and is immediately captivated. But he doesn’t get far into their first conversation before he realizes what he’s feeling is attraction, which brings him up short. Jaxon has always been a womanizer. 

Despite his reservations, Jaxon makes a play for Liam, but Liam has his own issues. Unlucky in love and orphaned at sixteen, he is reluctant to open his heart to anyone, and dismisses Jaxon out of hand. 

Driven by a need he doesn’t understand, Jaxon organizes a return to Sydney to film his next project. If he can’t be with Liam, maybe they can be friends. Of course, that creates a whole new problem. Now Jaxon is falling in love for the first time. How can he move their relationship from friends to lovers without destroying the trust he’s worked so hard for?


Gorgeous it man around Hollywood, Jaxon Moncrieff, sees and has an instantly but startling attraction to the artist whose show he’s attending at the forcefully suggestion of his manager. The problem is he’s never been attracted to a man. Ever. He approaches the artist he’s learned is named Liam, only to be rudely rebuffed on his first go at flirting with a man. Women throw themselves at him but Liam can’t stand to spend five minutes chatting. Determined to find out more about Liam , Jaxon sets up a meeting with Liam’s manager to buy some of his artwork. Garrett reveals a little info on why Liam is the way he is. Jaxon decides the best thing to do for both of them is step back.

He spends months obsessing about talking and touching Liam. Even sets up scholarships for artists and things that are close to Liam’s heart. The only things he knows are from the internet and what Garrett, whom he’s struck up an online friendship with, let slip to him. He convinces the studio of his next movie to set it in Australia just so he can approach Liam again. The man consumes his every thought and he can’t let him go without talking to him one more time.

Meanwhile, Liam is tucked away at his home in the country working on his pieces for his next show. He’s happy enough to just live his life even though he knows he hides away. He’s not a fan of celebrity or any social events really. When Garret brings up the name of the gorgeous man he was admittedly rude he doesn’t kid himself that he hasn’t though of that night. Garret manages to get Liam to promise if he ever comes across the actor again, he’ll give him a chance. He didn’t expect him to show up at his doorstep.

Sadly, I did not love this book. I mostly liked the characters and though in the beginning there was going to be something good happening but I caught myself tired of them pining for each other when they wanted each other. Liam had to be blind to not know that Jaxon wasn’t interested. I know he says he thinks he’s straight but he had to know something was up.

The book is entirely too long IMO and could use some editing. The first 175 pages the guys were pining or lusting for the other one. After they started having sex, it happened so frequently I started skimming sex scenes. ME! Skipping sex scenes!  They were pretty hot the first few times.

I’m sure I’ve read books where people name body parts funny but this book took that and ran with it. Jaxon actually had many conversations with his “Buddy” and talked about too frequently. Then named his lovers parts and made it a reoccurring theme in the book. Liam referring to Jaxon as pretty boy lost its effect after a while, too.

I wanted to love this book. I loved this author’s Gay As Mardi Gras, so when I saw this and read the blurb I was pretty excited to read it. It just wasn’t for me. If you like high angst and a super romantic story you might give this a try. The writing was good and I did enjoy parts of the book.

Rated 3 stars by Whit


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