Cambion : Part 4



Title : Cambion – Season 1

Dark Around the Edges: We Are Family

Author : Cari Z.

Serial : Cambion, Book #4

Publisher : Storm Moon Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Fantasy, Paranormal

Length : 43 pages (e-book)

Published : May 10, 2013



Devon Harper is a cambion, the offspring of an incubus and one of his female followers. Discovered by those who could’ve helped him too late to be saved from his nature, he barely survived a brutal childhood before getting a handle on his powers of seduction. Lust, sex, desire: these are second nature to cambion, and are their road to both riches and ruin. Devon has the power to bring people to their knees with a glance, to drive them so crazy with pleasure that they forget their names, and occasionally forget to breathe as well. He could use his birthright to force the world to worship him, but Devon is trying to fight against the pull, to do what he can to track down people with the power to summon a demon and stop them before more cambion can be made.

But Devon doesn’t realize that the path he and his friends are following is only one strand of a web laid in place by a demon who’s not content to wait on the whims of humanity to get out of Hell. Devon is this demon’s key to staying above ground permanently, and when he finally catches up with the cambion, he’s not taking no for an answer.

Episode 4: Put the Gun Down
Devon and Rio reunite with Lynlis Syfer’s bodyguard, Steven, who has located Porter Grey. The trio move in for the final confrontation with the summoner, but another player enters the field, and they have other plans for the endgame.


Rio and Devon make their way to Seattle to find Porter Grey.  They have the help of Lynlis Syfer’s bodyguard.  He can manifest his tattoos as real objects!  Anyway, they go to catch Porter.  Along the way Devon and Rio decide to take a vacation after Porter is caught.  Together.  They decide to take a vacation together.  Even Steven, the tattoo guy, notices they’re a couple.  Devon tries to deny it.  He settles on the old, “It’s complicated,” excuse.  So of course it has to get more complicated!  That’s how this stuff works.  Porter sets a trap for them.  Rio, Devon, and Steven are all pretty sure it’s a trap, but they have no idea how screwed they really are until they’re in the room with Porter and shoot the girl with him in the head.  The girl does not live, but the demon using her body sure does.  The demon that happens to be Devon’s father and can completely control him.  The demon then takes Devon, his real target all along, shoots Porter and high tails it out of there.

I loved this episode!  Oh man, I was so bummed when it ended and I had to wait a month.  The guys, Devon and Rio, finally really start to admit things to themselves then get forced into admitting the truth aloud in front of their enemies.  Poor Rio!  It was bad.  And the demon was able to look at him and immediately know he’s a nephilim, now we know too.  Once again I’m stuck feeling frustrated I don’t know what is coming up.  It’s a six part series and part four just had a serious crisis.  Will five bring the climax to the story and six be resolution and wrap up?  Am I stuck waiting til August to find everything out?!  Gah!  And what is going to happen with Porter?

Rated 5 stars by Faye

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