City of Soldiers



Title : City of Soldiers

Author : Sam Burke


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY IT HERE)

Genre : Contemporary, BDSM, Kink

Length : 320 pages (e-book)

Published : June 21, 2013



Blurb :

Sean Gordon returns from the war in Afghanistan with a bad leg, no job, and a heart grieving for lost friends. Lonely and searching, he’s interested in exploring his submissive side but can’t even tell his own family he’s gay. He’s unable to find a strong man to fulfill his deepest, most shameful fantasies and sees only a bleak, unhappy future. 

Everything changes when he meets Roman Mahoney, part of a secret group of former soldiers who live in Philadelphia’s forgotten underground and protect an ancient secret. Roman is asexual and proud of it, but yearns for romance with a man who will tolerate the lingering effects of his head injuries and not pressure him for sex. He ends up emotionally caught between two dominating men—the disgraced veteran who cares for him and a Philly cop with a love of bondage. Slowly Sean and Roman begin to connect, adding fuel to the fire of old rivalries and insecurities. 

With a serial killer on the loose and targeting homeless veterans, Roman, Sean, and their friends struggle to meet across sexual divides. True love awaits—but so does a killer’s vengeance.

Review :

Sean Gordon is home from the war with a bad leg, no job, living with his sister and not getting enough disability to live off of. Roman Mahoney has no job, has been living underground with a group of veterans and has a head injury that prevents him from remembering things. He’s also asexual but dreams of a life where he can have a relationship with someone who loves him and who will take care of him without ever having to have sex with them. Roman and Sean are perfect for each other except Sean wants sex and he wants to be dominated.

Roman and his 2 friends Hoss and Kristian help deliver blankets and food to some of the other homeless veterans that are living on the streets. They try to keep an eye out for there fellow man but things start to go bad when veterans start to die. Someone is out there killing vets and the guys want to find out who is responsible and stop it. Roman asks Michael Brackett for help. He’s a cop and a good friend and Roman trusts him.

As more veterans start to die these men come together to try to figure out whodunnit. When the killer gets his hands on Roman and Michael, the other guys race to find them before it’s to late.

I don’t think I have ever read a book that has left me with such mixed feelings. There is a great plot, awesome characters, issues that had me running to the phone to ask my sister why veterans would do those kinds of things, but honestly the story was really mundane. There was really no action, no romance, no sex. Yet, I couldn’t stop reading. The idea that there is veterans out there living this way breaks my heart. The ending was kind of a bummer for me. Yes, we find out who the murderer was, we find out more about the fairy-tale water but there are many things that did not get resolved. We don’t get a follow up on the other characters in the story, we don’t get any kind of resolve when it comes to the two main characters. I mean I for one would have liked to know if Sean and Roman were able to have a relationship with each other. I wish there would have been some kind of epilogue that would have told us how things ended. I mean do they continue to live underground forever? Now, some would wonder why I am giving this book a 4 star review when I have quite a few issues with the story but the fact is the story was really good. Good enough that I would read a second book if the author chose to write a sequel that would give us a nice update on how things turned out for these wonderful men.

Rated 4 stars by Jen

4 stars