The Prisoner



Title : The Prisoner

Series : BROKEN, #1

Author : Kol Anderson


Publisher : Self Published (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : novella

Published : June 8, 2013



Aaron Taylor has been working at an escort company for the past six months. Just when life seems to have gotten better and he is beginning to think that he has a grasp of this line of work, his handler sends him to a new client. Vincent Greene looks like he might just be Aaron’s best client yet but he doesn’t know the extent of Vincent’s cruelty.



Oh wow… I have no clue how to review this without spoilers… but I will try.

First off we have Aaron. A beautiful, blue eyed, blond haired boy. He is a prostitute, working for a top rated agency. He is well aware that his employers are not to be messed with but when he falls for one of his clients, Sebastion, he just can’t help himself – he starts meeting him off the clock. He has no idea about he depth of the evil that his boss will go to however 😦

Next we have Sebastion. He has been with Eric for 7 years – the itchy period…. and they are both scratching 🙂 The difference is Eric views his extra curricular activities as just fucks; whereas Sebastion has genuinely fallen for Aaron. Eric seems a bit of a dick – a hypocritical dick! But he does at least see that in himself. Sebastion seems to want his cake and to eat it – but come on, he has been with Eric 7 years – to rush to end that after falling for a prostitute just wouldn’t ring true.

Very early in the book Sebastion and Aaron meet up, but Aaron can’t stay long as he has a meeting with a new client. Vincent. He is good looking and Aaron thinks hmmm sometimes he gets to enjoy his work, even as he is wondering how he will please this new john. It always takes time to get to know what they like, what they want, what they expect and Aaron soon discovers that Vince is like no other client. Ever. But damned if I don’t like him (at some level) it’s always the mean, bad (sexy) arseholes that have me hoping for my favourite character – The Redeemed Bastard!!

And I kinda have to leave it there. You know by the blurb that there is some heavy stuff in this book. Kidnap, rape, torture – Aaron is already a prostitute, willing to sell his body. So to “train” him to submit totally (and that “training” is tortuous to say the least) makes it pretty clear that the level of prostitution that his new owner requires is going to be pretty hard core stuff.

I am hooked. As a total romantic I am already looking at the angles – Sebastion still loves Eric, but will he save the day and rescue Aaron and ride off into the sunset together? Aaron is using Sebastion and his fantasies of him to get him through his awful ordeals – but this sweet capitulation to Vincent makes Vince see Aaron as more than a commodity. Will this be a Stockholm Syndrome scenario? Waaaa!!! Will I go insane?

For those that are picky – you will pick on editing issues and to you I say pffft this story is compelling and addictive – I don’t give a toss if there is the odd word misused – it never detracted from the story as a whole or knocked me of course… I am holding tight… locked in for the next installment. Bring. It. On !!

Rated 5 stars by Barb

HI 5!