Cards on the Table



Title : Cards on the Table

Author : Josh Lanyon


Publisher : Just Joshin

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Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 95 pages (e-book)

Published : January 23, 2012


Blurb :

Fifty years ago a glamorous Hollywood party ended in murder — the only clue a bloody Tarot card. Timothy North is trying to find out what happened that long ago summer’s night, but when a Tarot card turns up pinned to his front door, the only person Tim can turn to for help is his ex-lover, Detective Jack Brady.

Review :

Back in the 1950’s an actress by the name of Eva Aldrich was murdered during a Hollywood party. The case has remained unsolved and Timothy North is writing a book, in the hope that he may be able to finally uncover whodunnit. During Timothy’s journey he is thrown many curve balls. One of those curve balls throws him down a flight of stairs and tries to beat the tar out of him. The other curve ball is his former lover Jack Brady. They dated very briefly but when Timothy has an episode Jack backs off and steers clear of him. Of course Timothy soon finds that he needs Jack’s help and neither one of them realize just how much they want each other.

I was surprised when I found out who the murderer was. I was 100% positive that I new who it was, but there came that good old wrench thrown in my way and I was proved all kinds of wrong.

Josh Lanyon has a way of doing that and I really have to say nobody writes a whodunnit like he does and it always amazes me with his books, whether short or long, how he can make you feel like you have the whole picture. You never sit back and think, did I miss something?

Rated 5 stars by Jenn

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