Out of the Blackness



Title : Out of the Blackness

Author : Carter Quinn

Publisher : Carter Quinn Books

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Genre : M/M Contemporary

Length : 95,550 words (e-book)

Published : July 9, 2013

Rating :  ★★★★



A childhood of abuse has left Avery so physically and emotionally scarred he believes he shouldn’t be alive. His only sanctuary has been his relationship with his older foster brother Sam. Avery finally lets Sam convince him to start therapy to help overcome his crippling anxiety, but even that can’t prepare him for the upheaval caused by meeting Noah Yates.

Noah is everything Avery fears. He’s large and physically powerful—and undeniably capable of destroying Avery’s hard-earned progress. Although Noah seems to have a tender streak when it comes to him, Avery is terrified of being victimized again. But no matter how many times he tries to push him away, Noah never goes far.

Noah wants to save Avery, but can he be the catalyst Avery needs to begin the journey out of the blackness?


Just prepare yourself to fall in love with Noah and Avery.  There is no way you won’t be cheering for them. This isn’t an easy read by any means, but you will be left feeling uplifted.  I do sometimes avoid books with heavy content like this until I’m in the right mood, head space, whatever, but if the painful journey is worth it and I’m left feeling euphoric at the end, then it’s worth a few tears.  I’m still riding the high off the book and I finished last night! 😀

Avery has literally had his self-worth beaten out of him. From a very young age he’s been taught he’s nothing but a bother to anyone he comes in contact with. He tries to be invisible but he seems to have a target on him that attracts bullies.  While enduring another beating one day, Avery gains a savior in Sam. He’s older and stronger and makes it his purpose to protect Avery.  Both are still orphaned boys in a home so things don’t magically become perfect, but with Sam there for him Avery makes it out alive. Sort of.

Avery doesn’t really live. His past haunts him every second of everyday. Sam and a very small group of friends are his only support system. Avery has problems with social interactions that leave most people thinking he’s as screwed up as he feels. When a huge hunk of a man says hi to him in an alley his first instinct is to lower his eyes, since he can’t run. That same man starts showing up more frequently and Avery learns his name is Noah. Anybody with eyes can see Noah is gorgeous, so why would he be interested in Avery? Avery doesn’t trust anybody much less whatever Noah is up to.

 Noah is a gentle giant type but also witty and charming. He is patient and persistent with Avery. Taking baby steps to make sure Avery understands Noah would never hurt him. Everyone can see Noah has feelings for Avery ,except Avery. Avery wants to be normal but he doesn’t think it’s ever going to be possible for him. Not even for someone as amazing as Noah. Things like dates and kissing are never something he’s even wanted to do until now.  If he wants Noah and the life he’s starting to dream about, he’ll have to dig himself out of the blackness.

Okay, that may have sounded heavy, and it was ,but you’ll be counting the wins with Noah as you read the book. I think the slow healing of Avery built a wonderful anticipation for all the little victories fought for by Avery and Noah.  I caught myself smiling frequently because of them. I think a character like Noah could have come off as cheesy but the author did a wonderful job with him. I’m totally smitten with Noah, he’s the total package. He screwed up a few times but I think anybody would and it only helped anchor him in the believable category.

Though there is not much smexy in this book, things like kissing seem so momentous. The little touches and smiles were enough to make you swoon. Avery was awakened to sexual desires for the first time and it’s both sexy and wonderful to read about. The way Noah admits he loves Avery without saying it out loud. So swoon worthy!

The supporting characters were great. The family structure Avery has with his friends is more than he’s ever had in his entire life. Sam and Avery’s bantering is so cute and brotherly. Avery taking care of a sick Noah was maybe my favorite part. I love that he was perving on a sick man!

I don’t think it’s a secret I adore this author but most people that know him do. The cover takes on new meaning once you read the book. I appreciate it much more now and expect it to trigger memories every time I see it. I highly recommend picking up this book.  I loved it “so much”. 😀

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Rated 5 stars by Whit