Something To Believe In



Title : Something To Believe In

Author : Sloan Parker

Publisher : MLR Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 18,000 words (e-book)

Published : December 23, 2012


Two young, homeless men fall in love and search for a way to stay off the streets and build a life together.

After running away from the hatred and abuse of their teen years, Sean and Gavin have been hustling to survive for too long now. When some extra cash lands them alone in a hotel room until Christmas, they can no longer deny their feelings for each other. Now neither one can imagine watching the other walk off with one more trick. Even with no money and no job prospects, Sean is determined to not just show Gavin what a real home and holiday is like, but to keep them off the streets for good and build a life together.


When Sean Weber came out to his parents six months before finishing his High School Diploma, the hate filled reaction of his parents left him without a home or the support of family. His family use their religion for their hate and Sean doesn’t even risk seeing his beloved Grandparents fearing their reaction would likely be the same as his parents. For the two years following his mother’s edict  “if you walk out of here now and keep on being a disgusting little faggot, don’t you ever bother coming back” Sean managed to find a job and a place to live. Then he loses, first, his job, and then his apartment when he can longer pay his share of the rent. Four months of homelessness has taught Sean what it means to do whatever needs to be done to survive, including turning tricks. But the one thing he promised himself was that no matter what, he will not turn to drugs for escape from his life on the streets. On Christmas Eve, Sean has a brief encounter from a distance with the enigmatic “Biker Boots” at the homeless shelter where he’s getting a hot Christmas meal. After leaving, he finds himself tempted by the tableau glimpsed through an open doorway of a youth in a drug induced haze when “Biker Boots” makes another appearance urging him “don’t” and gesturing for Sean to walk away with him instead.

“What’s your name?” I opened my eyes at his whispered words. He was still staring at the doorway. “Sean. Yours?” I didn’t think he was going to answer. Then he finally said, “Gavin.” And with that one name, I was no longer alone.

Gavin, aka “Biker Boots”, was raised in foster homes and has never known the love of family or the joy of Christmas. Sean seems to be the only one to get past any of his barriers and for a year Gavin looks out for Sean as they watch each other’s backs in the dangerous life of being a rent boy. Now there’s finally a glimmer of a future and a way out for Sean and he’s determined to take the man he’s quietly come to love with him. Question is, does Gavin have enough belief in himself that he, too, deserves it? Gavin’s latest trick, a week spent with an old man doing “kinky shit”, has earned him a bit of a windfall, enough for a cheap motel and no tricking for the both of them for the week until Christmas. During that time Gavin confesses to Sean that he’s in love with him and doesn’t want him being touched by any other men, although neither can really see a way out of it. Or is there another option? Can miracles really come true?

Something To Believe In, told from the POV of Sean, was both a heartbreaking and incredibly sweet story of love and hope and belief. I adored both Sean and Gavin and became invested in their happiness very quickly. Even though it was a relatively short story, Sloan Parker really managed to give full life to both the characters and their story. It may not be the usual happy, sappy Christmas story fare, but it was wonderfully told and, while remaining believable, didn’t stoop to being overly angst filled. The ending had me with a wide smile of joy on my face and happy tears may or may not have filled my eyes! Christmas is the time for miracles, after all!

Rated 4.5 stars by BookSmitten


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