Top of the BotM’s – Round 1 – WINNER!

We have been running the blog for just over a year now – so have decided it would be fun to run a Book of the Month competition, which we are tying in with the GayRomLit event in Atlanta.

What we have done is gone through all our archived months and picked the best books from these sets of reviews. YOU get to vote for which book was your favourite. The book with the most votes then progresses to the Quarter Finals. There will be one poll put up each week, on Mondays, and the Final round will be the week before Altlanta GRL – which the majority of our reviewers are excited to be attending!

If the winning author is there then we will award them the Cup – and hopefully get to share a drink with them from it 🙂 . If the winning author is not there – then we will drink to them in their absence and send the Cup along to them. Who will be the King or Queen of LYLBTB? Use your vote wisely 😛

So here is the first line up of books from our archives!

AND THE WINNER WAS ….. Anne Tenino’s “Frat Boy and Toppy”