The Queen’s Librarian



Title : The Queen’s Librarian

Author : Carole Cummings

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)


Genre : M/M, Fantasy

Length : 224 pages (e-book)

Published : July 26, 2013

Rating :  ★★★



All Lucas Tripp wants is prosperity for the tenants of his family’s estate; good weather for the harvest; suitable matches for his sisters; a little money left over at the end of the month; and more quality time with his boyfriend, Alex Booker. That’s not so much to ask for, right? 

Wrong. When his sister’s new suitor suddenly disappears, Lucas is drawn into an adventure of a lifetime—kicking and screaming all the way. Magical beings who were allegedly banished hundreds of years ago are coming through portals that were supposed to be shut against them—and that’s only part of Lucas’s problem. The rest consists of missing princes, breaking and entering, suspicious magicians, well-meaning women who are far too interested in Lucas’s sex life… the list goes on. Lucas is decidedly Not Amused, but he’ll get over it someday. Probably. After all, there’s always Alex.


Lucas Tripp is Master of Rolling Green, favorite cousin of the Queen and also the Queen’s librarian. Lucas is described as a small man with red hair, glasses and a mind that seems to be in a state of constant motion.  He is responsible for keeping Rolling Green prosperous, the tenants happy and finding proper husbands for his yet to be married sisters,  all the while trying to keep financially solvent and find time to spend with Alex, the love of his life.  Alex Booker is Lucas’ boyfriend.  He comes from a wealthy family, is tall and handsome, with a well-trimmed beard and dark hair that Lucas will testify cannot be mussed, and it is obvious he is as smitten with Lucas as Lucas is with him.

Our story begins with Lucas, Alex, Declan Slade – future husband of Clara, Lucas’ sister, and Parry, an old acquaintance of Lucas’, celebrating the future betrothal of Declan and Clara at the local tavern, The Drunken Duck.  While Alex and Declan play a friendly game of pool, Parry is plying Lucas with ale.  Parry’s attention is not as innocent as it appears when he begins questioning Lucas about his estate and in particular about The Stone Circle.  This Circle was once a portal where Daimins traveled between worlds, but has been sealed off after a particularly disastrous event that occurred over 150 years ago.    Saved from further questioning by a jealous Alex, Lucas decides he is in need of the men’s room.   He accidentally finds himself outside instead of the men’s room and in his drunken state, proceeds to get his coat caught up in a thorn-bush.  Just as he is about to call for help a man approaches him speaking in a strange language.  The man looks suspiciously like Declan but cannot communicate anything to Lucas other than Red Librarian and the word scontun. Lucas ends up calling him Mister Scontun for the word the man keeps repeating over and over.  This chance meeting is just the beginning of Lucas’ adventures or troubles, depending on how you look at it.

Lucas is a natural worrier and overwhelmed with his responsibilities.  His tendency to have a running stream of consciousness can be a bit overwhelming too, especially at the beginning of the book, but this tendency grew on me as the story progressed and Lucas’ inner dialogue was the source of many chuckles throughout the book.

The Queen’s Librarian is a fantasy novel complete with magical creatures, royalty and intrigue.  It is light and humorous with a steady stream of witty banter among the characters.  The cast of characters that surround Lucas are colorful and charming with an array of strong women, rakish young men and magical beings.  The Queen’s Librarian is an entertaining book that made for a nice weekend read.

Rated 4 stars by Deb

LYLBTB 40 star