Event Horizon



Title : Event Horizon

Series : Theo Bourne, Book 2

Author : Evelyn Shepherd

Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Paranormal

Length : 252 pages (e-book)

Published : January 23, 2012

Rating : ★★★



Valentine’s Day turns into a nightmare when an ancient vampire burns her way through the greater Columbus, ushering in the Aztec God of Death. Theo and Carlos will have to set aside their personal problems in order to put an end to a deranged killer. But as the body count rises, they find out they’re going up against more than a vampire — they’re going up against each other.

In the midst of the chaos, Theo faces his own personal turmoil. When Lloyd confronts Theo about his feelings, Theo isn’t sure whether his heart still belongs to Carlos or if he truly cares for Lloyd. If he wants to save the world, Theo will have to overcome his troubled heart and harness the power within.


Event Horizon, Evelyn Shepherd’s second Theo Bourne novel, starts with Theo still living in Carlos’ home as his apartment is being renovated after the destruction done by Jason Devereaux.  They’re happy and seem to be in the process of stabilizing their relationship.  They would be better at it if Theo wasn’t still attached to Lloyd.  He goes out to a concert with Lloyd even though he’s conflicted about his feelings for the werewolf.  Carlos is understandably jealous.  Theo most definitely is hiding something from him despite the fact it’s not a sexual relationship he has with Lloyd.  Lloyd wants it to be sexual.  Lloyd wants it to be everything and is not hiding his pursuit of Theo.  Consequently, Theo is both stringing Lloyd along and betraying Carlos by having non-sexual intimacies with another.  At a concert Theo attends with Lloyd all hell breaks loose.  The band, Event Horizon, starts to sing and Theo experiences feelings of dysphoria and confusion.  He and Lloyd escape to the bathroom where they proceed to kiss.  Then they notice the place has caught fire.  Theo returns to the concert to find the lead singer of the band singing as the room, and the people in it, burn around her.  The sounds coming from her as she sings are terrifyingly beautiful.  He does his best to save as many people as possible as well as stop the singing and hopefully apprehend the singer.  He is unable to apprehend her but does stop her and manages to save some people.  Authorities are called and eventually Carlos shows up on the scene.  Theo and Carlos are assigned the case as it’s a mass homicide where many people were burned to death.  Unfortunately, no one can really answer why they just stood there amidst the burning, nor can they say from where the fire started.

Theo and Carlos are forced to see the Mistress Isolde, leader of the vampires in Columbus.  To see her Theo has to fight a duel with one of her minions.  Isolde tells them who the singer really is, an ancient named Eztli.  She is so powerful even the vamps don’t want to deal with her.  Theo must use the sword with which he dueled to kill her.  They leave Isolde and go to Lloyd’s band’s concert.  Lloyd sings a song of his love for Theo on stage.  Theo runs out and tells Lloyd a relationship can never happen between them.  Theo and Carlos go home for the night.  Theo awakes from a nightmare and calls Lloyd to make sure he’s okay.  While talking to Lloyd he hears another attack by Eztli.  Theo and Carlos show up in time to find a raging fire, many victims, and injured or dead first responders.  Eztli is attempting to raise the Aztec god of death.  She needs enough sacrifices to make it work and burning people alive at a public venue is the method she chose.  For a moment Carlos seems transfixed by everything around him.  Eventually, Theo is again able to chase off Eztli despite her rapidly increasing powers.  Of course, he forgot the sword with which he is supposed to kill her.  Lloyd is a witness to this event also.  Theo wants to keep him safe but realizes he can’t without driving away Carlos.  Carlos is justifiably pissed off.  After the disaster they have a huge fight.

Things crystallize for Theo.  He realizes his feelings for Lloyd are nothing compared to those for Carlos.  He has to make amends but something is not right with Carlos.  Not right at all.  Carlos and Theo are called to another meeting with Isolde.  She informs them coyotes are an animal Eztli can control.  It would have been good to know that sooner.  They think they have found her next attack site and are planning to apprehend her there when Carlos’ behavior goes seriously off the rails.  Theo realizes just how wrong he’s been and knows exactly what he’s about to let loose.

I had serious issues with Theo’s infidelity.  I don’t like characters that cheat, so I feel I was a bit predisposed to disliking the situation.  No, he didn’t have sex with Lloyd, but he fell in love with him.  If that’s not considered cheating I don’t know what is.  I also felt the situation didn’t fit the character of Theo we met in the first book.  Theo viciously guarded his heart from others.  Carlos had to launch a full assault of Theo’s heart to get inside.  This man, who kept himself remote from all others suddenly finds himself in love with two men?  No.  I feel the self-sabotage was a good excuse, I just don’t buy, at all, the means with which he attempted to sabotage himself.  I felt that was bad character development in an otherwise well developed character.  Theo had realistic personality traits and foibles in the first book.  I didn’t seem them continue.

I did like the overall plot and the intertwined storylines.  I like that two fronts of attack on Carlos and Theo’s relationship is something carried over from the first book, one of them professional and one of them personal, both of them deadly.  The increase in the world building was subtle and good.  It left me wanting to know more about Theo’s universe.

Rated 3 stars by Faye

LYLBTB 30 star