The Broken Triangle



Title : The Broken Triangle

Series : The Square Peg, Book 2

Author : Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow

Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 275 pages (e-book)

Published : July 2, 2013

Rating : ★★★★1/2



Vin’s a hot Goth, tattooed and pierced and the most popular bartender at the Square Peg. Want to date him or buy him a drink? Sorry. Vin’s body is a temple and he’s barely been kissed. His heart belongs to Riley, the guy he crushed on in high school and can’t forget.

How about Vin’s BFF Patrick? He’d let you buy him a drink and have your wicked way with him in the men’s room (shh, don’t tell Shane or Ben, the bar owners!) Okay, maybe Vin needs to loosen up and Patrick needs to calm down, but they’re set in their ways.

Enter Riley, looking for Vin, and suddenly everything changes. Vin’s handed a happy ending on a plate and Patrick’s free and easy lifestyle loses its glitter as he sees what Vin has.

But does Vin really have his dream guy or does he just have Riley? Maybe they’re not the same thing, after all.


Yay! This book yanked me right out of my book funk. The storyline was different than I initially thought. There is NO threesome. None. No sharing. No cheating. There are multiple love interests but it creates some good tension and not in the “I hate him playing with their emotions type of way” type of angsty tension. It was so good! This is a story about how life can and can’t live up to your wildest dreams. (fantasies?)

Vin is a virgin. He doesn’t date and honestly has very little interest in it. Vin is holding onto a romantic fantasy about his straight crush from high school confessing his feelings for Vin. He knows it’s silly but nobody could ever live up to his fantasies about Riley and if he did find someone he’d want to feel that way about them before having sex. Vin is a tattooed and pierced bartender, who doesn’t drink, at the Square Peg. One night Riley walks in. He confesses he’s known Vin has worked there for a year and what do you know, he’s gay and wants to give it a go with Vin. Seems he’s been fantasizing about him since high school, too. They both jump into the relationship. Sounds like a good book right there, right? There’s so much more. Riley comes from money and a different social standing than Vin and doesn’t exactly accept Vin for who he is. The author does a great job of skating that line of him doing or saying something unforgivable and Vin loves him so you want him to be happy.

Right about this time Vin’s best friend Patrick realizes he has feelings for him. Real feelings. Like the kind that even though it hurts to see Vin with someone else, he doesn’t want to hurt Vin, so he decides to keep quiet. Patrick knows Riley is not the man for Vin, but he also thinks he’s not good enough for Vin. Patrick is a party boy and a slut. Up until his revelation about needing to be worthy of Vin, Patrick’s been happy to sleep with anyone who turns him on and play the role he’s adopted as carefree play boy. Now that he has admitted to himself loves Vin, he wants to be the type man Vin deserves if he ever gets the chance.

So this story sets up and plays out two different romantic relationships involving Vin. They overlap a little but no cheating ever happens. Vin is too good a guy for that honestly. I loved Patrick. He was funny and flawed. I love a slut who changes their ways for love. Vin was adorable. Goth in appearance and a really good guy. Riley is handsome and rich. He used to stick up for Vin when nobody else would. He’s created his own dream life with Vin but both men start to see that reality is what they’re living in.

I loved this book. I didn’t read The Square Peg (book 1) but I followed along fine. There were parts from book 1 that came into play in book 2 but it was explained. Some of the sex in this book was so damn hot. Vin likes to draw out the pleasure and waiting for little touches and kisses was so sexy. The way Patrick yearned for Vin hurt so good. I stayed up way too late finishing this but I don’t regret being tired today one bit. Some books, like this one, you just don’t want to put down and sleep will just have to wait. I recommend this one!

Rated 4.5 stars by Whit

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