Yes, Sir.

yes sir


Title : Yes, Sir

Author : Ellis Carrington

Publisher : Self Published

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Genre : M/M, Contemporary, BDSM

Length : 34 pages (e-book)

Published : July 6, 2013

Rating : ★★★★



A New Orleans vacation takes an interesting turn when Grayson Harper lets a friend drag him along to see a voodoo priestess for a love spell. Suddenly he’s having very vivid dreams about a mystery man that seem all too real, and doing things in them he never thought possible. But what will become of the man of his dreams once he leaves the magic of the French quarter? 

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Woah that was a scorching hot read! It was only 34 pages, yet the author managed to inject enough life into the characters to have me totally invested and wanting to know everything about the guys. Just one complaint …. I wanted more!!

Grayson Harper is a total workaholic, his coming out was not a happy celebration in the Harper household and after graduation he has to make his own way through college. It was tough for him, and he totally dedicated himself to work, work , work! Now, a successful entrepreneur with his own software firm, Grayson still has this constant drive and total focus which doesn’t leave much room for fun, and his last lover is now relegated to being a convenient hook up.

Long time friends Jerry and Cornelia get Grayson to agree to a break in New Orleans. No work. Just play. And one night the two men go into a Voodoo shop and buy a lurve potion each 🙂 annnnnd this is where it gets hot!!

Imagine the man of your dreams being the man in your dreams. Except these dreams leave tangible evidence on your body… what the heck is going on? And please God don’t let it stop. In Grayson’s dreams he is submitting in a way that he never has or would in real life, and he likes it!

Nathan Ingram lost his partner, Sean, 10 years ago. While with Sean, Nathan was a reluctant Dom – only playing along with Sean to stop him from hurting himself. Sex since Sean has purely been vanilla, which Nathan is fine with.Then while visiting his family in New Orleans Nathan starts having these dreams. Hot dreams. Dreams where he is a Dom again, for the first time since losing Sean. And, of course, he too likes it!

This story is obviously paranormal to a degree – but for those that aren’t into paranormal as a rule then trust me, you will like this! It is sexy and fun, and for a short read it sure packs a punch! Or a whip, as the case may be. 🙂 Go. Download the Book! It’s free!

Rated 4 stars by Barb

LYLBTB 40 star