Cowboy Waltz



Title : Cowboy Waltz

Author : Cameron Dane


Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Romance, Cowboys

Length : 347 pages (e-book)

Published : July 15, 2013

Rating : ★



A horse stock manager on the rodeo tour, gruff cowboy Jed Hastings is in a bind. He needs a new assistant yesterday. Enter green-as-hell Booker West. Booker spent his childhood dreaming about being a part of the rodeo. He doesn’t have any experience working with horses, but Jed doesn’t have options, and gives the newbie a chance.

Innocent about the world and secretly gay, Booker works like the devil to hide his attraction to Jed. He doesn’t just want to be a wannabe-cowboy with a crush; he wants to learn from Jed. Booker craves Jed’s respect, friendship, and trust. For Jed, he knows an eager young colt like Booker should work his last nerve, yet he finds he has endless patience with the guy. He’s possessive about Booker too. And while bunking together does create intimacy, that doesn’t explain away straight Jed’s explicit sexual fantasies and growing desire for another man.

When a life altering event sends Jed and Booker reeling, a night of raw passion between the men finally explodes. But in the light of day, can Booker help Jed accept their love? Or will this unearthed attraction send Jed to a dark place from which he can’t recover?


Jed Hastings needed some help and he found it in a kid named Booker West. All Booker’s ever dreamed about is becoming part of the rodeo circuit. He believes that becoming a part of something like the rodeo will make him feel closer to the mother he loved and lost, who made following the rodeo around her life.

Jed can’t believe what a prize he got when he picked up Booker to be his right hand man. He’s a damn good worker and quickly becoming Jed’s best friend. Booker has had a crush on Jed since the moment he saw him, but he knows Jed is a straight man and he needs to keep his thoughts to himself. Jed is not just his boss but his best friend and he never wants to jeopardize what they have.

After a few years Jed starts to fantasize about Booker and it scares the hell out of him. He should not be thinking the things he does and the more he fantasizes, the more he realizes he needs to move on. He needs to get as far away from Booker as he can. After four years working side-by-side and living in a trailer together, Booker’s crush on Jed has long since fled and turned into love. He just wishes Jed could love him in the same way.

The first half of the story was pretty much a get to know the characters. You get to know Booker and what I learned about him is that he’s a sweet and patient guy. So full of light as Jed would say. He’s all smiles and enthusiasm, he’s great at his job and everyone loves him. And then there’s Jed who I had a hard time liking. He’s good at his job but pretty much a hard ass, and I truly believe he cares about Booker but after reading this story, there were times where I wondered if the guy might not have had split personality disorder.

Once the story progresses a bit thing start to change. Booker’s having a hard time keeping his feelings in check and Jed’s starting to realize he’s feeling things he shouldn’t for his best friend but when Booker’s involved in an accident Jed can’t hold back, he cries and begs Booker not to die on him. I really thought that this would be the changing point in their relationship, but I was wrong. After Booker is released from the hospital he starts to see just how strained his friendship with Jed really is. Then they have a huge fight and things go from bad to worse to fantastic. Well, fantastic for Booker anyway, but after one helluva night with Jed, Booker wakes up alone realizing that Jed is gone, and gone for good.

I hate having to write this because I am a huge Cameron Dane fan but I had to skim a big portion of this book. Now, It’s one thing to have sex in books, most people like that but when a sex scene goes on for 12% of the book and all at one time it gets to be a bit much. This was one of the biggest downfalls of this book and maybe it’s just me but I really do believe that nobody wants to read over 50 pages of two people having sex. Especially when those 50 + pages are all one scene, and not to mention the other sex scenes just lasted way too long and it really started to ruin the story for me. So, yes, I skimmed because I was very tempted to put the book down and most likely I wouldn’t have picked it up again.

Cowboy Waltz was Light & Dark, Love & Hate, Happy & Sad. Topped with plenty of angst.

Rated 3 stars by Jen

LYLBTB 30 star