The Ranch Foreman



Title : The Ranch Foreman

Author : Rob Colton


Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary, Western

Length : 120 pages (ebook)

Published : August 14, 2013

Rating :  ★★



When Madison “Matty” Ward finds himself out of work and without a place to live, his cousin comes through with a job on the Gates cattle ranch. Despite not knowing anything about herding cattle or taking care of horses, Matty does his best to impress the older hunky foreman, Baxter Hollingsworth. Baxter is drawn to the new young hand, but he’s deeply closeted, and after an openly gay veterinarian shows he’s interested in Matty, Baxter’s repressed feelings lead to an explosive encounter. Baxter then withdraws—leaving Matty feeling angry and used—until an accident forces him to confront his fears.


Madison Ward AKA Matty has just left everything behind to come work as a ranch hand where his cousin Brian lives and works. Matty had been living with his aunt, Brian’s mother, taking care of her while the Cancer ate away at her body. Matty had done all he could do with his aunt but he just couldn’t provide the care she needed, so Brian had her moved to an assisted living facility. Now, here he is with his cousin about to do a job he has no idea how to do.

Boy, working on the ranch is hard work, but the eye candy of one Baxter Hollingsworth is worth every minute of it. When Matty first sees Baxter over the crowded dining room table he knows instantly Baxter is gay. What he soon learns is that even though Baxter is flashing him those lust filled looks, he’s deeply hidden in the closet. But that doesn’t stop Matty from wanting the ranch foreman and the more Baxter plays hard to get, the more Matty wants the older man.

When Matty decides to go with Baxter to the city for ranch supplies, they have a rest stop bathroom hook up. But when it’s over Baxter acts like nothing ever happened and of course Matty’s hurt by it but he really should have known better. Now, he’s being avoided and it’s ticking him off. When his aunt takes a turn for the worst, Baxter turns into another person. He’s kind, compassionate and so sweet. I only wished it could have lasted, but a good book won’t give you want you want right away. It has to make you work for it. So back to being the same butt he was before and Matty has had enough. When he’s asked out on a date by the handsome vet, he goes. Why should he sit around and wait for Baxter to come around when he knows the man is to deep in the closet to ever do anything more than make Matty his dirty little secret. Just maybe him going out with Doc Brown is the kick in the rear Baxter needs to make a change or it will turn Baxter into an even bigger prick than he was before. But when Matty is injured in a storm it forces Baxter to make a decision about what he wants and who he wants it with.

I loved that there was very little drama and just a touch of angst. I mean when Baxter basically dismissed Matty after they had what Matty thought was the best sex of his life, I felt a pang in my chest and wanted to cry. Just because it really hurt him to be treated like that.

The story is told from Matty’s POV and though I would have loved to know what was going through Baxter’s mind while he was trying to figure out his feelings, not having it did not take away from the story one bit.

I loved this Novella. I breezed right through it in just a few hours and already I’m itching to see what other things Rob Colton has to offer.

kapowRated 5 stars by Jen

LYLBTB 50 star