Patient Z



Title : Patient Z

Author : Becky Black


Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Paranormal, Fantasy

Length : 240 pages (e-book)

Published : July 23, 2013

Rating :  ★★★★



Two years ago the zombie apocalypse wiped out the world police officer Mitch Kennedy had a role in. But he’s found a way to continue doing his duty, serving as guardian of a small community of survivors, living in the safest place they can find. When the group takes in Cal Richardson Mitch can’t help but be attracted to the first available–and incidentally, gorgeous–man to cross his path in months.

Mitch and Cal can’t resist each other physically, but each man tries to hold back his emotions. Though he’s strong on the outside, Mitch is too badly hurt inside to risk more pain. Cal’s very sure he won’t stay for long. He’s been a drifter all his life and it came naturally to him to survive alone after civilization fell. He’s sure this is a temporary stopover for him. He has no intention of becoming emotionally involved with a cop who is certain to despise Cal when he learns the truth about him.

But the longer Cal stays the stronger his urge to run, but the harder it becomes to give up the safety of the community and his new friends. The harder it becomes to give up Mitch.


Strangely enough this isn’t my only zombie book lately. I don’t get the craze over them. I only watch the movies because the hubby makes me. So why would I want to read this? I do enjoy post-apocalyptic stuff. Throw in some m/m lovin’ and I’m set.

Cal wakes up as a shackled prisoner in a room. His captors won’t believe his bite is from a dog and who can blame them? There are zombies everywhere. Cal remembers stealing a boat with no provisions and then things get a little hazy.

Mitch doesn’t trust the guy. The ship doc has given him her newest round of the zombie vaccine but with nobody to test it on there’s no real way to tell if it works. Until now. A guy shows up with a bite on a boat? Seems like a good candidate for it. They watch and wait for any signs of sickness but after a few days, nothing changes. Cal looks more human than when they brought him aboard. They take the vote to free the prisoner to the council. The council votes to let Cal stay. Which is a pretty significant thing considering they’ve banned all men but Mitch from the boat. The last few seemed to think the women were there for their pleasure. Willing or not. That won’t be a problem for Cal because he prefers men and sets his sights on Mitch.

Mitch struggles with letting anyone in after his lover died. He’s an ex-cop, or cop since nobody technically fired him, and he takes the safety of the women and children on the ship they call home very seriously. Mitch fights the attraction to Cal. It’s been awhile since he’s been with a man and the fact they put Cal in Mitch’s room, since he’s the only other man, makes it damn near impossible not to give in to Cal’s advances. Eventually it happens. And it’s hot!

Cal can’t believe he’s into a cop. With his background that’s the last guy he needs to hook up with. Cal also doesn’t stick around long. He’s planning on staying just long enough to rest, have some sex, and gain as much knowledge as he can. Then he’s out. Problem is he starts to care for the people on the ship. Cal knows Mitch starts to care for him and it’s terrifying. Enough that he’ll face zombies alone to escape it. But zombies aren’t the only bad guys out there.
Post-apocalyptic zombie romances can’t be easy, right?

This book had some very strong women. I loved it. The army was all women and they were smart, tough and completely capable. I also appreciated the irony of the one woman on the boat being the sort that prefers men to woman. She deserves to be without if she feels that way. There are women out there like that. Some of the women were victims but that wasn’t the focus and I appreciated that.

The MCs became more and more likable as the book went along. Some good banter and hot sex. Both men had some serious issues that seem like nothing after the end of civilization as they knew it but some things are just so deep they don’t ever go away.

Oh, and the zombies were nasty. Nobody had a problem killing them thank goodness. If I see a freaking zombie I’m shooting it. Period. Like I said earlier they weren’t the only problem. When times get hard they say you find out who you really are and some men were truly vile. Basically thinking they needed to club and capture their own woman type crap. I really disliked these guys. The idea of them gaining access to that ship was more terrifying than the zombies, for me anyway. The main baddie did go OTT IMO. I want to hate them, not roll my eyes at them. The way the author dealt with “fresher” zombies being more alert and faster was interesting. The disease that caused the outbreak was never really touched on beyond the vaccine and I’d have liked to know about that. Maybe in a sequel? Hopefully because I’d like more Mitch and Cal.

Rated 4 stars by Whit

LYLBTB 40 star