Taylor V Donovan Q&A : Six Degrees of Separation

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Hi Taylor, thanks for stopping by!

“Six Degrees of Separation” … What. A. Book! Thanks sooo much for giving us the opportunity to read an arc – it was incredible! Release day is August 30th – were there ever times you thought this day was never going to come?

That’s exactly how it felt, more times than I care to remember if I’m being honest. But that was then and this is now. I’m happy with my decision to self-publish it, and the final result. I can’t wait to hear what readers of the series have to say about this new instalment.

Can we pretend I haven’t asked you all these questions. Ad nauseum. Treat this like a clean slate 🙂

LOL You mean you have asked these questions before??? 😛

How many books in the series – I am guessing 6, but you never know.

Six, plus a few novellas.

SDoL-coversm-190x300Can you tell us any of the other titles? Even just the next one?

These are the novel titles:

Six Degrees of Lust

Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Agony

Six Degrees of Sorrow

Six Degrees of Denial

Six Degrees of Retribution

“Sixty Percent proof” is a SMac interlude, but I’m planning a novella dedicated just to them after “Six Degrees of Agony”. It’ll be called “Six Below”. When you guys read Six Degrees of Separation you’ll understand why I chose that title. 😀 Barb ~ Can.Not.Wait for “Six Below” … Oh my God!!!

winterlandSo who is up next? You don’t need to tell me the couples – just the main guy… unless you really want to *g*

Up next is SA Logan Brandenburg, our tattooed and pierced team member. He seems to be a favourite of “By Degrees” readers.  😀

Will Nicky and Sasha get a book of their own? I love these kids! Go on, tell us the truth. Nicky is crushing on Logan, right? (Well, aren’t we all??)

Yes, Nicky and Sasha will get a book… in a few more years. They are too young still. And oh, yeah, Nicky is definitely crushing on Logan.

The twists and turns in this instalment were insane! Do you have it all mapped out, or do you have a final destination and the journey comes to you as you write the next book? Did that make sense?

It made sense. 😀 I have it all mapped out. The Ks forced me to take a detour, as did Mik, but now we’re done discussing a few things and once again en route to the final destination. Barb ~ Well… having met the K’s even more in this arc (Duncan Kowalski and Zane Kostas, Sam’s fellow FBI agents) I am delighted they forced a detour! And Mik is a fellow team-mate too, a female one.. a nice female :-)… look forward to where this detour leads !!

You have the most amazing dates for Sam and Mac! What would be your choice as the most romantic date?

Wow… Would you believe me if I told you I’m not a very romantic person? Cause I’m not. *sigh*. I know, I suck. 😦 BUT. I think having someone pay attention to what I say and the things I like, and then make an effort to give me something related to it, just like Mac and Sam have done for one another, would be an extremely romantic gesture in and of itself. I’d definitely love that.

60 proofI love numbers and 515 has such a nice symmetry about it – it works so well for the tattoo. How did you decide on this?

It’s my best friend’s date of birth. 🙂 His name’s Nando, and lots of my characters carry something of his.

Terms of endearment! Sometimes they click, sometimes they don’t. Kitten… is just fricking adorable! The image of Mac – this burly fireman being called kitten just melts me. Every. Time. And is it crazy that the thought of a kitten morphing into a jaguar is just… well… sexy as!?

Not crazy at all. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I came up with it. Mac’s an interesting guy. He’s nice, he’s gentle, and he’s laid back. He doesn’t seem like he’d get rattled by much. But mess with him or the ones he loves and he’ll claw your eyes out. He’ll go from kitten to king of the jungle in the blink of an eye.

So what are you working on right now? … annnnnd when do you get back to the “By Degrees Series”?

I’m working on a story called “Heavy Hitters” about a Puerto Rican boxing champion and a regaetton singer. As lovely as my homeland is, the reality is a big chunk of the population isn’t too progressive or accepting when it comes to gay rights. I felt the need to explore that.

My plan is to start writing “Six Degrees of Agony” as soon as “Heavy Hitters” goes to my editor. If everything goes smoothly, readers of “By Degrees” should have the next instalment in early 2014.  

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope the book is a massive success … it certainly should be!

Thanks for having me again! *g*

SDoS_HiRes2700_RGB (2)S I X   D E G R E E S   O F   S E P A R A T I O N :

By Degrees is an ensemble serial with continuing story lines. “Six Degrees of Separation” is the second installment, and it must be read after ‘Six Degrees of Lust”. Thanks.

In the sequel to “Six Degrees of Lust”, F.B.I. team leader Samuel Shaughnessy and bar manager Machlan O’Bannon are exploring a new phase in their non-relationship. The intention is to take it slowly but power plays are still their favorite activity, and it isn’t long before lines begin blurring. After ending their friends with benefits agreement no rules are left in place to guide them, and soon enough the only thing that’s clear is that neither man is fighting hard enough to reestablish the boundaries.

Their particular situations haven’t improved in the three months since their first encounter. Sam is still focused on his immediate family issues, and everything indicates Mac will have to go to war with his own family before he can reclaim his freedom. The last thing they need is additional complications.

But when the opening of a night club brings Mac to New York City and a break in the Leviticus investigation leads Sam to Houston, they discover how closely their worlds have been connected from the very beginning. Hiding from the life-altering collision is not an option. Will they take the easier road and go their separate ways, or will they come to terms with their past and take a chance on each other?

taylorA B O U T   T A Y L O R :

Taylor V. Donovan is a compulsive reader and author of m/m romantic suspense. She is optimistically cynical about the world; lover of history, museums and all things 80s. She is crazy about fashion, passionate about civil rights and equality for all and shamelessly indulges in mind-numbing reality television.

When she is not making a living in the busiest city in the world or telling the stories of gorgeous men hot for one another, Taylor can be found raising her two daughters and her fur baby in the mountains she calls home.

Author Links:

taylordonovan.com ~ Goodreads ~ Google+ ~ Amazon ~ Facebook 


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