Eater of Lives



Title : Eater of Lives

Author : Jordan L. Hawk

Series: Spectr, Book 4

Publisher : Jordan L. Hawk (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Paranormal, Romance

Length : 109 pages (e-book)

Published : September 3, 2013

Rating : ★★★★


Blurb : 

When a supernatural killer is implicated in a string of cannibalistic murders, federal exorcist John Starkweather must track the demon down with the help of his live-in lover, Caleb Jansen. Caleb is possessed by Gray, a vampire spirit who is a natural demon hunter.

Caleb’s desire to find the killer is tempered by the knowledge his own time is running out. If John can’t successfully figure out how to exorcise Gray before forty days are up, the possession becomes permanent.

When John’s ex shows up, looking for a place to stay while visiting the city on business, tensions mount even higher. Lines are drawn, and Caleb learns that some decisions, once made, can never be changed.

Review :

I found this series after reading Jordan L. Hawks “Whyborne & Griffin” series.  I had fallen in love with her writing and wanted more. The SPECTR series is very different but has all the vivid imagery, engaging characters and action packed storyline that I have come to associate with Ms Hawk’s writing. When “Eater of Lives” released I could not wait to see what was in store for my favorite characters.

“Eater of Lives” is the fourth installment in the Spectr series.  The setting for this series is in a world where people with paranormal abilities must register with the government and are expected to share this information as well as their registration number when asked for it.  There is a fair amount of discrimination and fear of people with paranormal abilities by the non paranormal population.  There are also supernatural creatures living among the humans that have the ability to inhabit the body of a human and wreak havoc.   A special agency has been formed called the Strategic Paranormal Entity ConTRol or SPECTR which is comprised of individuals with varying paranormal abilities who work together to protect people and dispose of malicious non-human entities or  NHE’s.  In the beginning of the series we meet Caleb, an unregistered paranormal.  Caleb has been living under the radar, so to speak, hoping to live a normal life.  While attempting to avenge his brother’s death, Caleb ends up possessed by a drakul or more commonly known as a vampire.  Normally these spirits only inhabit dead bodies but through a series of events, Gray ends up trapped in Caleb’s very much alive body.  According to current belief if he is not exorcised in forty days, Gray, the drakul, will be a permanent part of Caleb, possibly even taking over Caleb completely.  As a result of this possession, Caleb meets Special Agent John Starkweather, an exorcist from SPECTR.  When John fails to exorcise the NHE from Caleb, he ends up taking Caleb home to stay with him until they can figure out how to remove the spirit.  While working and living together they develop a friendship, their attraction for one another deepens and they fall in love.  With Gray trapped in Caleb’s body, this presents an unusual situation.  Not a ménage per se but think of having two spirits in one body, with Gray experiencing everything Caleb experiences. This is something Gray has never experienced before, having only had glimpses of lives from the memories of the dead he has inhabited.   I love this concept.  The author gives us a story where the characters trying to cope with these problems as well as their day to day lives in a world that is not always kind to people who are different, in a thought provoking manner. All the while providing us with an action packed tale filled with mystery, suspense, and romance.

In this installment Caleb/Gray and John are living together.  They have still not discovered a way to exorcise Gray from Caleb and time is running out.  On top of that there is a series of gruesome murders that appears to be the work of a cannibalistic NHE which takes priority over John trying to find a way to exorcise Gray from Caleb. To complicate things further, John’s ex, Will, appears one night hoping to rekindle his relationship with John. This really does not go over well with Caleb or Gray.

Eater of Lives is fast paced and picks up where the last book ended.  Each book has a different case central to the story as well as the continuing storyline revolving around John, Caleb and Gray.  I have to say this case was one of the creepiest yet.  It is engaging and I have grown to love the characters, especially Gray.  There are moments in this book where my heart broke for him.  I will not say more to avoid possible spoilers but I will say that I had a “WHAT!” moment at the end.  The next installment is scheduled for release in February 2014 and I cannot wait.

Note:  For those that have cliffhanger issues, and I admit I am normally one of those people, this is a serialized series and each ends with a cliffhanger, of sorts.  I normally do not enjoy this style, but this is an awesome series and the wait is not long between books.

kapowRated 5 stars by Deb

LYLBTB 50 star