The “L” Bomb

L bomb


Title : The “L” Bomb

Author : Phoenix Emrys

Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (BUY HERE)


Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 68 pages (e-book)

Published : September 4, 2013

Rating : ★★★★



Gil Donigan has made a career of treating the word “love” like something from an NFL playbook. Then he meets Devon Drake, and for the first time says “I love you” and really means it. Devon immediately bolts, and that was the last thing Gil expected. But maybe he had it coming; he got as good as he’d ever given. Karma’s a bitch, he thinks, but he’ll take the hit like a man. His new game plan? Shake off the heartbreak and move on, but Gil may need to rethink his recovery when Devon turns up on his doorstep with an enigmatic box, begging for a chance to explain.


“Knowing he no longer wanted or needed it, Gil gladly threw off the fool-around façade he formerly wore like a badge of honor, giving himself over to Devon with joyous, giddy ease. Along with every ounce of his formerly admittedly capricious, but now utterly devoted heart.”

The “L” Bomb is a day in the life of a man who had once upon a time played the field, disregarding the feelings of his bedmates, and saying whatever he needed to in order to get his way with them. Gil was he original Mr. Fuck-and-Run. Then he got burnt by one of his conquests. He was forced to take a good, long, hard look at himself, not much liking what he saw. So he decided to change his ways. After a couple of years alone, he meets the irresistible Devon. A young man with some definite baggage and a reluctance to verbalise but oh, so worth it. “Dev had this prickly-yet-compelling vulnerability lurking behind the messed-up façade, making Gil want to stick around and dig deep until he made it to the soft caramel center.” They were together for three fantastic months, then Gil had to go and blow it all by dropping the three little words he’d promised to never utter again. But this time, he truly meant them. Now it looks like karma has come back to bite him when Devon’s reaction is a panicked run, rather than the face full of kisses he was expecting from his beloved. Or does Devon showing up on his porch after having run away from those words so fast he broke the speed of sound mean that there’s actually hope for a happy ever after.

This short novella is written in a very fast paced, quirky, descriptive style – much the same as the voiceovers of J.D. in the TV show Scrubs – and is essentially a monolgue of Gil’s thoughts as he finds himself in the position he’d frequently left others in in his past. I got a little over the descriptive monologue for a short time in the middle, but once Devon turned up on the porch, it all came together again for me and re-grabbed my interest. “So why, if in fact they were so damned happy with each other, was the love of Gil’s life freaking his face off instead of kissing him silly after hearing he was ultimately adored by the supposed object of his reciprocal affection?” This style of writing may not be for everyone, but I found both of the characters and the story fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rated 4 stars by BookSmitten

LYLBTB 40 star