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“After Midnight” by Santino Hassell.

A spin off of “In The Company of Shadows”



“Evenfall” and “Afterimage” were solid 5 star KAPOW reads for us at LYLBTB – so the prospect of being part of the Blog Hop for “After Midnight” was really exciting! A huge thanks to Sonny for including us!

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10 Things…

Since I was an emo teenager with a battered notebook full of song lyrics and poems, I wanted to write. I wrote everything down from memories, to dreams, to journal entries, because it was a form of escapism for me. It carried me through adolescence and early adulthood, and even now that I’m in my early 30s, I find myself wanting to get into the zone and start creating situations and people that will help me forget about reality for a little while.

When I first drafted After Midnight in the summer of 2011, it was exactly for that reason. I was stressed—taking part in an intense, summer fellowship program, dealing with a slew of personal and health problems, out of money, and struggling to plan and perfect the last installment of my online series In the Company of Shadows with my partner Ais. I wanted to write, but I wanted it to be pure escapism, and that was how Gordon and Adam were born.

After Midnight is a novel about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. I’ve always written dark, intense characters, and while I didn’t stray too far from that, Gordon and Adam wound up being characters that I hoped people could identify with, despite the fact that they live in a world that is war-shattered and have lives that are extreme and often frightening.

With that being said, here are 10 things you should know about Gordon and Adam:


  1. If you’ve ever heard the term “cycle of failure”, you could very easily apply it to Gordon. He’s the guy who says the wrong thing, who makes people mad, who isn’t quite as good looking as the people around him (in his mind), and who is always picked last. He’s used to people not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Instead of letting that turn him into a bitter, angry person, he takes it in and fights back with a grin and a string of comebacks from his never-ending supply of smartass retorts.
  2. He likes to make people laugh. He spent so many years identifying as the awkward ginger guy, that it became a reflex for him to make people laugh before they could laugh at, or make fun of, him. When it comes down to it, Gordon likes to please the people around him. Even when they don’t deserve it.
  3. Gordon is the king of vices. You name it, he does it.
  4. He craves tough love. Growing up with no parental figures, no role models, no one to tell him “don’t do this” or “you need to do that” has made him gravitate to people who will go hard on him when he’s f*cking up, but temper it in a way that shows they truly care.
  5. He feels trapped. He’s afraid to leave the neighborhood he’s always grown up in because he thinks he can’t make it, or doesn’t belong anywhere else. He’s afraid to leave the job he’s thrived in, even though he hates it, because he doesn’t think he can be anything else. And most of all, he’s afraid to cut off ties with toxic people because he doesn’t think he will ever find anyone else.


  1. Adam lacks ambition. That extends to his professional life and at times, to his personal life. If he doesn’t see value in something, or isn’t invested in it, he won’t make the effort of trying even if it eventually may benefit him. He seeks immediate, external gratification and gets frustrated when he doesn’t receive it. This is also partially why he doesn’t have many close relationships—why work so hard to cultivate a connection with someone who may be disappointing?
  2. He’s Type A. Team work, trusting people, waiting on someone else to get the job done? Forget it. Instead of building camaraderie and relationships in the organization where he’s worked for over a decade, Adam would rather fly solo and only associate with people when he needs to. He knows things would get done faster and better if he just did them alone from the get-go.
  3. He is blunt to a fault. When Adam sees a flaw, he will call you out on it. He doesn’t understand people who don’t try to address their flaws or weaknesses even when they’re fully aware of them.
  4. He doesn’t like to share.
  5. Adam hates bullies. It goes back to his own adolescence, and growing up in a household where his behavior wasn’t the ideal and having a sibling who was the golden boy. He was used to not being what people wanted him to be, so he stopped trying.

Why do they work when on paper, it seems that they shouldn’t?

You guys read the book and tell me!

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after midnight

“After Midnight”

A spin off of “In The Company of Shadows”

Title:  After Midnight

Author: Santino Hassell

Publisher: self-published

Release Date: September 17, 2013

Pages: 244 pages

Available at: Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Are

B L U R B : Gordon Frost is a survivor. He survived a war that ravaged the nation, and he made it through the orphanages and crime-ridden slums that followed. With few prospects for the future, Gordon carved out a niche for himself in the expanding drug trade of Lexington, PA. It’s not pretty, but it’s his, and it beats what he was doing before. But a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time results in a brush with death, going by the name of Adam. Afterward, the life that seemed good enough before, isn’t quite the same. Adam Blake is an assassin on the brink of being terminated by the very organization that controls him. He completed his mission, but not without being seen. With his secrets in danger of being exposed by Gordon, Adam knows he should kill the smart-mouthed redhead, but finds himself intrigued by the troublesome civilian instead. When Gordon’s knack for finding trouble combines with the dangerous consequences of Adam’s indecision, their worlds intertwine in an explosive way.

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About the Author :

733829Santino Hassell is the co-author of the popular epic series “In the Company of Shadows” and the newly released solo project “After Midnight”. When not writing, he works in education, is a single dad to two amazing kids, and can be found either reading, playing video games, or complaining about the failure of New York’s public transportation system.

Check out what Santino is up to now by visiting his site

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