Charlie, Rentboy



Title : Charlie, Rentboy

Series : Working Boys, Book #1

Author : J.P. Barnaby

Publisher : Wilde City Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Contemporary

Length : 24,000 words (e-book)

Published : September 4, 2013

Rating : ★★



Got two hundred and fifty dollars for an hour of fun? Then say hello to Charlie, a hot little rentboy working his way through an engineering degree on his back.  He’s got shaggy blond hair that’s great to hang on to while you fuck him from behind, and sweet innocent blue eyes that look very enticing when he gazes up at you with your cock in his mouth. That is, until he’s hired by innocent rich boy John Middleton, head of Middleton Communication. John is so far in the closet he could find Narnia. But when John and Charlie get together for an explosive weekend of sex, everything goes to hell.


This book has one of my absolute favourite tropes… Rentboys. Add a new (to me) author in JP Barnaby. Yep. This book was all mine 🙂 and damn but it was good! A whore with a heart and a john that actually is a John, who falls in love – I loved it!!

It tells the story of Charlie: Electrical Engineering student and part-time Rent Boy…

Whilst Charlie loves what he does (hooking), and makes no apologies for how he is funding his time at College, he has no intention of this hooking side line being a lifelong thing. He has a plan…. 6 more months and he will have finished college and he can hang up his jock strap … well, his professional one at any rate. 😛 The book starts with him heading off to his latest “job” – a nice, lucrative weekend gig – he is used to his johns being the kind of guys that maybe struggle to find a date in the conventional way (for a variety of reasons) but this john is different from the get go. From the minute he sees John, when he opens the door, Charlie knows this is going to be like no gig before – he is gorgeous! And Charlie soon discovers that, beyond that, he is actually a really nice, decent, fun, funny guy – he cannot understand why he needs to hire a guy for sex, or even to just spend time with him – he is charming. Of course, if it seems to good to be true… it often is.

John, the john, is a lovely guy. Loaded, gorgeous, sweet, somewhat naive – almost perfect. Almost. But there are some things he does on their various dates over the weekend that just seem off. Like he is hiding something. We know that he has had a pretty tough upbringing – not exactly surrounded by loving, supportive family members. He is in the closet, which is how it “has” to be – he is a high-profile businessman, always in the society pages with various beautiful girls on his arm, never anything long-term though – he is scared of the ramifications should he come out. Would his tenuous hold of the board be weakened further should he admit to being gay? Or would this in fact free him to be his own person, for once in his life? Free to maybe do what he really wants? The unknown can be scary, change is terrifying – but sometimes the safe option has to be blown apart! But how do you reclaim your life? Take charge? When all your life you have been groomed and guided for one role? Okay… I am out of question marks 😛 so that is all the snippets I am giving, without spoiling the story.

Charlie is a lovely character – his struggle to not give in and let this connection between him and his John seem real was cute, his inner monologue funny! And the way he tries to steer the conversation to safer ground when he feels things are getting serious, or when he is sharing too much? Well, diversionary tactics have never been so sexy! John was also wonderful – as all romantic johns are. Think Pretty Woman ♥ only substitute it for Gorgeous Guy ♥ The book was fun, and obviously very sexy. Hooker! Nuff said. There is a twist in the “tale” which I never saw, not to say that I am the most intuitive reader – but I thought it was nicely surprising. Go on. Buy the book. See what you think. I really liked the writing style of JP Barnaby, and cannot wait to read more by her – both in this series, and beyond. I highly recommend this book!

kapowRated 5 stars by Barb

LYLBTB 50 star