Accidental Alpha



Title : Accidental Alpha

Series : Pack Partners, Book #1

Author : Poppy Dennison

Publisher : Wilde City Press (BUY HERE)

Genre : M/M, Paranormal

Length : 24,000 words (e-book)

Published : September 11, 2013

Rating : ★★



A quiet life. A break from the dangers of being a cop. Yep, Lex Tompkins has his future all worked out. That is, until fate—or rather the stray toddler from the house across the street—bites those plans in the ass. Well, technically Lex’s neck. Suddenly, he’s transformed into the Alpha of the secret werewolf clan hiding in the perfect, out of the way neighborhood of Lex’s dreams.

Now Lex is the unlikely leader of a dysfunctional pack… except for Spencer Robinson, the one shifter Lex can’t seem to keep his paws off. Will Spencer be able to teach Lex how to embrace who he has truly become?

Because accidents happen…

…but fate marks its own territory.


Lex Tompkins is taking it easy after an injury pulled him off the police force. He’s going to enjoy the quiet and recuperate. He’s totally not a recluse. That he resents having a neighbor who has regular company is incidental. When Lex notices a kid wandering on his back patio the toddler can only have come from the neighbor’s house. Lex picks him up to take him next door when the little boy bites him. Lex wakes up in his neighbor’s house and the little boy is on his chest. A room full of people are all staring at him. They tell Lex he’s now a werewolf and their new Alpha. Uh-huh. Something is definitely off, but werewolf Alpha? Lex goes home and attempts to cook and eat the steak he was planning on eating before the crazy kid bit him. It’s not very good. Spencer, the neighbor, comes over to check on Lex. Spencer smells good. Spencer tastes good, too. Lex knows Spencer tastes good because he’s grabbed Spencer and is kissing and licking him. Spencer isn’t particularly appreciative of what is technically a sexual assault. Lex attacks the guy who tries to stop him from having his wicked way with Spencer. Lex doesn’t stop attacking til he realizes he needs to help an injured woman. Okay, so the woman duped him, but Lex is now back in control of his actions. Lex is mortified and finally really believes he’s become a werewolf and is the Alpha.

The pack instantly accepted Lex as their Alpha and immediately begin coming to him with all their problems. Apparently the Alpha is very involved in the lives of pack members. Lex manages to make it to his first full moon shift. He learns a lot about pack dynamics and wakes up next to Spencer. He pretty much wakes up next to everyone. It’s a big pile of people. In addition to learning the dynamics of the pack, Lex meets some people who are less than thrilled with their place in the pack. He also encounters some stray wolves wandering in his territory. That won’t end well. Lex gets a three am phone call from one of his pack members to get bailed out of jail. She was arrested for fighting. As he’s leaving, Lex sees Spencer leaving his house as well. They decide to drive together as Spencer got a call from a different pack member to get bailed out of jail. Finally, Lex and Spencer have a much needed talk. Lex figures out how to better handle some of the problems in the pack and things seem to be looking up. That’s when the other pack makes their move.

Unequivocally, this was a charming read. The concept of Lex being tossed about by the whims of others is interesting as he’s also the most powerful character in the book in terms of being the Alpha. Leaving the police force was out of his control, becoming Alpha was out of his control, and getting to choose his mate was out of his control. I’m surprised the guy didn’t have an eating disorder just so he could control something. In addition to that, Spencer had issues and wasn’t going to hop right into bed with Lex simply because fate chose them to be mates. Lex had to prove to Spencer this would be a good idea. I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate that. Too often I encounter a book, usually a shifter book, where the couple just feels being together is “right.” I take that to mean the author is simply to lazy to write these two guys falling in love. We’re supposed to just accept these guys love each other because it feels “right?” No. Show it don’t tell it. This book didn’t have things magically fixed by being “right.” Thank you!

There were some things I didn’t like. This is the start of a series and the set up for future books is clearly evident. Too bad I felt this one was undone. Spencer and Lex haven’t yet had their HEA. I’m okay with an ambiguous ending or an HFN. This book just felt undone to me. Spencer clearly has a whole host of issues he needs to explain to Lex. That didn’t need to be brought up repeatedly. It left me with a feeling of lack of resolution. In addition to that, I felt the “Alpha Instincts” were a bit of a Deus ex Machina. How can Lex fix this? With his Alpha Instincts! How did this situation come to be? Yeah, you guessed it. However, instincts aside, I did enjoy the book.

Rated 4 stars by Faye

LYLBTB 40 star