The Price


the price

Title : The Price

Author : Dominique Frost

Publisher : Loose Id (BUY HERE)


Genre : M/M, Paranormal

Length : 74 pages (e-book)

Published : September 10, 2013

Rating : ★★



Cale is a serving-boy at a high-class brothel in the city of Havisham. He isn’t one of the courtesans, largely because he’s too clumsy to manage seducing anyone, but he does his best as a servant, keeping the wine-glasses filled and the guests happy.

Everything changes when the warlord Darren Kaine visits the establishment. Darren is the new ruler of Havisham and is a brusque, commanding man. Fresh from a war that’s lasted over six months, Darren is in no mood for frippery, and chooses Cale to accompany him for the night, rather than any of the courtesans on display.

Indeed, Darren so prefers Cale’s straightforwardness and simplicity that he decides to make Cale his concubine, and to have Cale visit him at the palace, every night. Stunned by this new turn of events, Cale is further confused by his body’s reactions to Darren. Darren is darkly handsome, sexually demanding and absolutely committed to giving his partner pleasure – a fact that has Cale looking forward to his time with Darren, perhaps more than he ought to.

Darren, too, is in danger of forgetting that Cale is just a tool he uses to slake his lust. For a new ruler, every action comes with a price. Will this one be too steep to pay?


The Price is a fun, entertaining book with witty dialogue, a sexy warlord and adorable if somewhat cheeky serving boy.

Havisham has a new ruler. Darren Kaine has been at war fighting to reclaim Havisham from the Sloanes. It is a bittersweet victory as the only members of his family left are his uncle and himself. Darren also has not forgiven himself for opening his heart to the one whose treachery cost him his family.

Darren does not wish to celebrate, but according to custom, all new rulers celebrate their victory at the high class brothel, The Peony Pavilion. When Darren and his two most trusted men, Kevin Smythe and Jonas Miles, arrive, Darren is in no mood for the fine courtesans presented to him. Cale, a serving boy at the Pavilion, watches from the shadows. While watching the new ruler, Cale inches closer, trips on a vine and literally falls into Darren’s lap. Darren immediately chooses Cale for his night of pleasure even though Cale tries to tell him he is not a courtesan. Darren is pleased with Cale and insists that he become his concubine. Darren feels this is the best solution for him. He can have his needs met with no emotional attachment. Cale as well as the true courtesans of the pavilion cannot believe this is happening, he is just a serving boy, but who is going to argue with the new ruler? No one except Cale who has no problem saying what is on his mind. Rather than finding it offensive, Darren finds it endearing.

Although the developing relationship is central to the story there is still a matter of Darren trying to establish his rule. All of his old enemies are not accounted for and there may be spies within his court. Some are where he least expects and Cale is caught in the middle of the conspiracy when there is an attempt on Darren’s life. The events that unfold as a result of this, and the information that is revealed, changes the way Darren sees Cale. Maybe he misjudged Cale, maybe there is more to his feelings for Cale than just a toy to be used for his pleasure.

The story has a somewhat medieval feel to it but the language between the characters is decidedly modern. With the banter between Cale, Darren and the other characters, it fit perfectly. There is a fair amount of sex given the storyline and I adored the scene where Cale was worried about being referred to as a nightingale. Yes, Darren could make Cale “sing.”

It is difficult to say more without giving too much away. I do not know if the author has plans for more stories in this world, but I would love to see Darren and Cale revisited as well as books about Kevin and Jonas.

I enjoyed The Price, it was fun and sexy, perfect for those times you need a quick light book to escape into.

Rated 4 stars by Deb

LYLBTB 40 star