The Parting Glass



Title : The Parting Glass

Series : In a Dark Wood, Book #2

Author : Josh Lanyon

Publisher : JustJoshin Publication

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Length : 72 pages (e-book)

Published : September 29, 2013

Rating : ★

B L U R B :

Two and a half years ago, travel writer Timothy O’Shay let NYPD Detective Luke O’Brien talk him into hiking into the New Jersey Pine Barrens to face down a monster.

Now Tim and Luke meet again under very different circumstances. The old attraction is still there — but so are some of Tim’s monsters. Is it too late to find their way back to each other?

R E V I E W :

In A Dark Wood is one of my favourite Lanyon reads so when I saw that there was a sequel – well, I was giddy with excitement!! And I tell you what – I was not disappointed!!

The Parting Glass picks up roughly 3 years from where the first book ends. Tim and Luke are not together 😦 They had tried – but it is hard to live with an alcoholic. Hard for the alcoholic too. Trying to stop drinking for two people – instead of just for yourself increases the pressure to breaking point. And, sadly, it broke. Tough, hurtful words are said in the heat of the moment that can’t be taken back – mostly because the opportunity to apologise is taken away. And how true is this? In any relationship, there may be countless soothing, loving, supportive words – yet just one lapse, one moment of “losing it” and that is the moment that overpowers everything. That is the point of no return. Why do we do this? Let the bad outweigh the good? My heart truly broke for both guys – probably more so for Luke, who is just divine ♥

So here we are, years later and Tim and Luke run into eachother unexpectedly and the unbridled joy felt by both of them is palpable. Time has moved on, but in many ways they haven’t. They really are still the only ones for each other. Their history over the previous years is a slow reveal of why’s, where’s and how’s which left me thinking WTF?? I wanted to reach in and smack Tim a lot of the time – as much as I sympathized with him, he also frustrated the hell out of me – and isn’t that just what an addict does? The effect he has? Josh has created such a real character in Tim – he sees everything as being about himself and yet removed from himself – “Luke didn’t say this” or “Luke said that” – ultimately, of course, Tim had to do what he felt he had to – to finally beat his demons – and damn the consequences. You need to read the book to see if they can move on, and put those long, hard years of loneliness behind them.

Josh’s signature sense of humour is threaded through the story, as only Josh can do. Some absolute LOL lines 😀 The cover is also beautiful – completing the perfect package! I would also like to touch on something that really caught my eye – mention is made of some pretty rough sex off page, and the on page sex even had a different feel to it — now, I am not saying “Lanyon writes BDSM next!” but I really liked that it was different. Variety is the spice of life, after all 😛

This really is a wonderful read. I have honestly tried to not be swayed by the fact that Tim and Luke are one of my favourite duos… And I don’t think I was. It genuinely is a great story, and I actually think that every story PJS (post Josh sabbatical) is getting better. Josh and his muse have totally got their mojo rocking!! Go. Buy the book. You’ll love it!! I am about to reread both books, and I can count on one hand the number of books I reread.

kapowRated 5 stars by Barb

LYLBTB 50 star